The way the water goes

I was surprised when I meet grumpy old raindrop, at a condensation party.
My little raindrop friends and I just came from space, on the precipitation express.
Grumpy old raindrop was telling us little raindrops about what happens when we go into groundwater, he said " get ready when we go down to groundwater we will be down there for hundreds of years." All of us little raindrops got really sad and asked grumpy old raindrop " do we still get to go to school?" Grumpy old raindrop answered " No, we will be sleeping. Hold on here we go! Weeeee!"
After some time had passed, my friends and I all woke up in a runoff starting a lake. Swimming in the lake was so much fun.
We experienced another ride as the evaporation train took us into the clouds.
Being in the clouds for a while was exciting, soon precipitation started. Grumpy old raindrop told us " let's get out of here, and return to the glaciers." Because he was the oldest we followed him.
We were surprised how much we all liked the clouds. The evaporation train was passing by so we asked grumpy old raindrop " please take us back to the clouds, it's cold here!"
Grumpy old raindrop finally said " yes." Later that day, all of us young raindrops needed an adventure. Precipitation allowed us to take a trip to the river right below our cloud view.
While in the river we all decided to race in the rapids to the lake, using the runoff train.
Playing in the lake was fun. Once again using the runoff train, we decided to go back to the river because we all liked the fast as lightning rapids.
Soon we were evaporating to the clouds.
With our accumulation growing fast, we chose to split up. Saying goodbye to some good friends, hoping we will find each other again.
Most of us ended on the soil surface for a while as runoff.
All of a sudden we condensed and ended up evaporating into the clouds. Here we meet all of our friends and grumpy old raindrop. Grumpy old raindrop finally told us why he was so grumpy he said"I have done this trave so many times, but I think I will not be grumpy any more with raindrops like you around."
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Jacob Pielet

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