Abraham Orta App jourAL

Lesson 2

Brainstorm: 1. Install a GPS, Free, Clock, Weather, etc.

google life (it reminds you what you have to do), iTransport (move to whatever place you want)

Lesson 3

Netflix: all ages, Youtube: all ages, Candy crush: specially for kids, Google Maps: people that need to move on, Spotify: all ages (8+), Uber: people that need to move, WhatsApp: people that need to communicate. I want to focus on people that needs to move on to many places (GPS)

Lesson 4

1. WhatsApp, 2. Netflix, 3. Youtube, 4. Uber, 5. Google Maps, 6. Spotify

I think the one's that easy work are Youtube, and Netflix because they are just for entertainment

Lesson 6

My app will: have a GPS because many people need to travel around the city or other places. My app will have an agenda because people need to remember their daily activities


Lesson 7

Lesson 8
Lesson 11 Leap Years
Hour of code

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