Good Life: Natural History Museum Claire Seiler

I really enjoyed my trip to the Natural History Museum. It was great to see all the different biome representations and reconstructed fossils. The below displays were the ones that most engaged me.

All images that do not include me were taken by me. The other photos were taken by my roommate, Alysse Alejandro.

Nature on Display

The display that most appealed to me during my exploration of the Natural History Museum was the underwater exhibit. I found the tunnel-like design and blue lighting to be very visually appealing. Through this exhibit, I learned about the underwater biotic community and its inhabitants. I loved the feeling of "being immersed" underwater.

Nature and Ethics

I chose to examine the exhibit on the Calusa people for this theme due to the special relationship they had with the natural world. The Calusa people viewed nature with the utmost respect: it was their food, livelihood, and home. They found many ways to use the bones, teeth, and shells of the animals they ate, in order to fully utilize nature's gifts. This exhibit inspired me to further the Calusa's legacy in my everyday life, by learning and caring for nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit presented a collection of quotes relating to the appreciation of the natural world. I selected my favorites and included them below. The Natural History Museum, and particularly this exhibit, remind us that we can better understand ourselves and our role within the world by examining nature. Each of the individuals behind the quotes benefited from their interaction with the natural world, as indicated by the basis of their quotes. Thus, we can see that nature is a positive, beautiful thing -one worthy of being appreciated and cared for in the centuries to come.

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