Meaning of Life

What is happiness to you? Or, how do you define happiness?

There are so many things in life that can make one person happy, buying a new snowboard, getting a new pair of golf clubs, receiving flowers or a gift from someone, but what is at the core of happiness? Happiness is being content. It is a choice. One can either choose to be happy over an ice cream cone and enjoy it or, be mad and upset that they were not able to pick the flavor. I believe happiness is an emotion that God put on this earth in order for us to experience him in different ways. Happiness is being on top of a mountain looking over a beautiful creation, it is having coffee with a friend, it is spending time with family. Happiness is a beautiful emotion that comes from the Lord.

What will make you think you are a successful person?

The amount of money you make, the places you go, the people you know, and the things you own will all make you feel like you are a successful person. When you look up successful, the dictionary includes word like “wealthy,” “riches,” “popularity”, and “profit.” In today’s world a successful person is, wealthy and popular. Will these things make you happy and content? No. More is always wanted. The success of a man should not be measured by the money he makes, or the things he owns, but by the way he lives his life according to what God wants.

What is the role that suffering plays in life?

Suffering plays a huge role in everyone’s life whether we want it to or not. We all experience different suffering and it is a state of mind and emotion that is hard to get out of. It allows us to see ourselves differently and gives us a better sense of who we are. We have no control over life and cannot determine how bad suffering may be but we can control our response to suffering. In how we react sets the tone and the mood for the course in which we take.

What does it mean to say that life is meaningful and how is this achieved?

When someone says life is meaningful, there is a sense of purpose and belonging, they hold their life as valuable. There is something to work for that is bigger than money and greed. It is serving others and making an impact in their lives, it is happiness. It is contentment. A meaningful life can be achieved by living for the Lord and working for him to impact the lives of others.

Is there something more to life than success, material riches, and/or achieving your dreams? What might that “something” be?

There is way more to life than success, material riches, and achieving goals and dreams it is what we think to be valuable and impactful. God, gives value to our lives, he sends us down paths to grow, and to have impact on other peoples lives, to serve and to have community with others. He is greater than any earthly thing, he gives us meaning because of the love he has for his children.

I found this video to be interesting. Beware it is a little long!


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