Winds Jake Freeman P5

Global wind patterns are named by from the directions they blow. The three winds are Polar Easterlies, Westerlies, and Trade Winds.

Global convection currents- is caused by uneven heating in the earths surface.

The Coriolanus effect is where wind is deflected from the northern hemisphere.

When the coriolus effect mixes with uneven temperature this starts to emerge global wind effects.
Doldrums- a belt of calm winds and baffling winds from the north of the equator.

Horse Latitudes- Are subtropical lows or highs that mix together and make calm winds.

Trade winds- A wind steadily blowing in to the northeast.

Prevailing Westerlies- Winds that blow toward the poles and steer into extra tropical cyclones and ordinate in high pressure areas.

Polar Easteralies- Are cold dry winds that originate from high pressure of the polar highs at the poles.

Jet streams- originate from big air masses and are mostly found to the warmer air of the south.


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