Create A Creature BY: Vincent frettoloso

This is a Dog Fish

Dualdogus headeanus

Coral Reef

This animal lives in the Neritic and Photic Zone. The Neritic Zone provides coral reefs for shelter and protection from big predators. The color of this animal helps it blend into the sand if it needs to hide.

My organism moves with its four feet to propel itself through the water. It doesn't swim very fast but can swim at a decent speed if being chased by a predator. It eats small fish like Herring or anything that is semi-small. My organism is about 10-12 inches long when it is fully grown and weighs about 10 pounds.


My organism is about the same color as the sand. This allows it to bury its body in the sand only leaving its heads exposed so it can hunt small fish roaming around. it easily camouflages itself and can see in front of it and behind it due to its dual heads. It protects itself with its two heads being able to fight off predators with two sets of teeth. It also protects itself with being able to use its feet to hold its kill. It is a nektonic organism because it can swim freely throughout the water without being affected by the current.

Ocean floor

My organism reproduces by having the female lay her eggs on the ocean floor, and the male fertilizing them and digs the eggs under the sand so predators can't eat them. It breathes through its gills located behind its ears.

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