House Arrest K.A. Holt

I rate this novel 10/10! The author described all event and feelings of characters superbly!

#1. Timothy steals wallet!- Young boy of 12 years young steals wallet for his little brother's medicine! #2. Timothy loses his temper and get in a fight at school!- Boy in Timothy's class asked Timothy if his brother was a retard! Bad move! Timothy got so angry he punched the boy in the face! Lets hope the judge doesn't see that! #3. Timothy finally takes suggestion and joins the carnival of giving!- After refusing the offer for the carnival of giving several times,he finally gave in and earned enough money to get the surgery Levi needed.

The protagonist is Timothy. The antagonist is Levi's sickness. This novel is about a boy named Timothy who has a little brother named Levi. Levi is normal in every way except one thing: He can't breath without a little tube in his neck called a trach. He also needs to take medicine but this is very expensive. This is why Timothy stole the wallet in the first place.

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Kalista Maiorano


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