Stars Up Designed by Jiaming Ren, Rongye Zhu

Game Overview

In Stars Up, players bid against each other to acquire the various furniture cards that worth different stars (positive-stars and multiplier cards) while avoiding pest cards (negative cards). either good or bad incidents will happen after the player bought the furniture, putting furnitures in different area of your game board before draw the incident cards to avoid bad things or add up good things. Try to get the highest number of stars in your home to win the game!

Object: The winner is the player who have the most stars!

Game Components:

  • 1 game board for each player
  • 1 die
  • Money Cards ( Each Player start with eight 50 dollar, eight 100 dollars and eight 500 dollars.)
  • 12 Property Cards(10 Furniture Cards, 2 Pest Cards) for bidding
  • 12 Incident Cards

Game Setup: Each player has one game board, and start with 24 money cards($500 x 8, $100 x 8, $50 x8). A deck 12 Incident Cards, and a deck of 12 Property Cards are placing face down in the middle. Roll the dice, player rolls the largest number starts the bidding.


Game Board: There are six area on game board, each area can only put one furniture on it, except pet and pests.

  • Steel Safe: Diamond in this area can not be steal.
  • Living Room: The property in this area can not be damage.
  • Garden: If pet and pest in this area together, the pest card value can not be double.
  • Bedroom: Extra 3 stars for any bed.
  • Kitchen: Extra one star

Starting the Game: Each player roll the die, the player gets the highest number on the die flip a property card and start the bidding, then the bidding goes clockwise. Players can leave the bid anytime and take their money back. The player who bids the highest gets the property card and place the corresponding property on their board. The player who gets the property card then flip a incident card, and do as it says.

On Each Player’s Turn:

  1. Player bid on Furniture Cards or Pest Cards.
  2. When player get the Furniture Card or Pest Card, choose an area and put it on the board.
  3. After put it on the board, player get one Incident Cards.
  4. The player who acquired the property card is the starting player for the next round. Turns up another card from the draw deck and play then proceeds as before.

Game Ends: The game ends when finishing bidding all Product Cards or all the player do not have money in their hands. Calculate the total stars.

The winner is the player who have the most stars!

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