SA is the next season LET's GO ON AN ADVENTURE!


Over a year ago I found myself praying and thinking over when will be the right time to finish with my band of 9 years. I felt in my heart the time to leave was approaching and i needed to figure out what was the next step for me.

In August 2015 myself and the band visited Cape Town to do some work with the South African Message Trust branch. Though we had a great time the idea of moving there was for me non existent as I had just decided to embark on a business venture with my team mates to set up out own company as Twelve24. About six months prior to the business setup I felt my involvement will not be any longer then 2 or 3 years. The plan was once we had set everything up I would give my “2/3 year notice”, as I felt would be enough time to get the business running and everything on both sides in order.

Though I’d been praying long before we went to South Africa in August I felt to pray and fast specifically and intensely from September - November about what I was moving onto next and when. Mid October 2015 I had a strong sense that it was time to leave sooner then I thought and planned. I decided to go away on a 3 day retreat and ask questions and set myself up to receive some answers and I got them. To my surprise I felt God speak to me about my move to South Africa to work with the Message Trust out there. By the end of my 3 day retreat I had a list of things that I felt I was going to do when go out to South Africa….

Months after this, I had countless confirmations to what God had spoken to me, from a person in the middle of a field randomly holding a South African flag to walking into a classroom in a small town in Germany and seeing one wall covered in South African history. Once my god daughter was colouring in a book and in the corner of my ear I see a stamp of Cape Town on the Page (i kept it). Some of these confirmations were big and some small but all very very relevant and significant.

For many years I have had a few things burning on my heart to help people in our generation live out their God giving purpose. Last year I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone and jump into a different season of my lives purpose. They say you can only help people is by leading by example.

In the last 9 years I have done so much, been to so many countries and seen thousands of people come to know Jesus through the work we have done as a team. I believe all the hard work and training was so I can in turn, in this season, INVEST, DEVELOP and DISCIPLE this generation of people through various mediums.
The mEssage trust


“The Message Trust are passionate about reaching young people, seeking to break the cycle of poverty, unemployment, gangsterism and crime that negatively impacts young people in communities across Cape Town. We have faith in young people and seek to raise up urban heroes who will become godly leaders in their families and communities for generations to come.”

— Tim Tucker - National Director

My role

Summary of main purpose of the job: A key member of Creative Mission team. This will involve pioneering two new creative mission models in South Africa: Message Genetik and Message Academy. The responsibility for ensuring excellence of all Message In Schools programmes, including school sessions, musical delivery and evangelism opportunities.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Message In Schools team

  • To be responsible for content excellence and efficiency for Message in Schools teams, this includes ensuring that content is relevant, biblical, creative and consistently being improved.
  • To be responsible for holding the team accountable for refining and moving forward with the schools curriculum that we offer.
  • To give session and delivery improvement debriefs for schools content within the Message In Schools Team at all times.
  • Assist KIV with songwriting and overall musical performance advising them on how to engage schools with the gospel through music and evangelism.
  • Assist Respect ME with integration of other mission teams within the Respect ME curriculum and to assist with the delivery of Respect ME sessions in schools
  • Assist Refocus with improvement and delivery of sessions and content.
  • To attend weekly Message In Schools Meetings with ready communication around Creative Output Coordinator responsibilities.
  • To use online communication tools for Message In Schools team effectively.


  • Research, development and implementation of Genetik Sessions for South Africa.
  • Contextualise curriculum development from UK to SA.

Message Academy

  • Message Academy
  • Research and development of Message UK and contextualizing model.
  • Research and development of Creative Academy models in South Africa.
  • Developing curriculum and structure for Academy.
  • Prepare teaching material on agreed topics.
  • Assist with Creative Mission teaching development for Academy.

Personal Performance

  • To explore the opportunity to perform as a solo artist as a part of Message SA Creative Team.
  • To use personal singing gift to creatively reach young people with the gospel

Firstly thank you for reading this far and showing interest in this next adventure in South Africa. The main areas that I would like for you to get involved in are: -

1) Prayer

  • Health - since I've been here I haven't been feeling very well so please pray with me for good health. I know God has much for me to do here and it would be very silly of me to be naive to schemes of the enemy.
  • Wisdom - When in a position of possible great influence and responsible, it is very easy to get excited about the task at hand and forget to seek wisdom. I never want to think 'I know it all' when there is so much more to give to the people of this nation then just my experience. I need grace to hear specifically when God is speaking on any given situation.
  • Starting work - My desire is to be a blessing to my co-workers and intergrate well into the messsage community.
  • Lay great foundations - I believe wherever we find ourself, we should give the best of who we are and lay a great foundation for the next person/people who comes along.
  • Living in Cape Town - Though I have great friend already astablished here, the fact still remains it's a different country. I want to be able to have wisdom to deal with any situation and to give the best I can to my community.
  • Finances - To continue my work with the message I have to have a consistent flow of income that would cover my basic living. Though I have raise a lot Which is amazing but please pray that the rest will come in. If you know anyone who would like to support a missionary send them my way :) and you can also pass on my contact details and where they can give a one off gift or support monthly.

2) Engaging in updates

Text or Call: - +27(61)2100400 or +447737514506

3) Finance


Thank you

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