The Croissant revolution by: Paxton Brewer

The french revolution happened many years ago, it all started from a group of peasants that just wanted food.

In France you were not born equal instead if you were rich you were rich your whole life and if you were poor you would be poor your whole life, there was no in between. The poor also had to pay the king well the rich did not, making them even poorer.

before the revolution started it was illegal for the croissants to pray or worship a god. This started making the croissants very mad and eventually helped lead the revolution.

the peasants started charging in 1789, on July 14. they started out by marching at the kings castle, then they moved on to free ten thousand slaves to help with the revolution.

As the revolution became bigger many croissants died due to the police, but that did not stop the croissants as they kept on marching and fighting.

As the revolution continued someone started to slowly rise to the leader of the revolution, his name is Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the main leader during the revolution and helped them succeed with there cause.

Finally the croissants defeated the evil king and they started a new holiday called Independence day and it is every July 14, the same day as they attacked the king.

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paxton brewer


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