Golden Gayo Various Varieties - Wet Hulled - Aceh Province

Quick Facts

Producer: PT. Indo Cafco

Country: Indonesia

Region:  Takengon, Aceh Tengah Regency, Aceh Province

Elevation: 1,200 - 1,400 masl

Variety:  Catimor. Lini S 795. Ateng super & Tim Tim

Process: Wet Hulled

Harvest: June - September


This Golden Gayo was sourced directly from our group of collectors in Aceh. Coffee is processed at the mill in Aceh and sent to Medan for more sorting (hand-picking) before export. As the coffee farms are owned by small-holder farmers, it can be a challenge sometimes to control the quality, however the PT. Indo Cafco team are always very careful and selective throughout the production process to ensure consistency in the cups. Pt. Indo Cafco consists of not only quality control staff but also field agronomists. The focus of the field agronomists are to introduce sustainable farming techniques at farms, from picking the right cherries to pruning methods and the use of organic fertilizers. The hope is to ensure that our supply chain communities continue to grow and prosper for years to come.

Sourced from the district of Aceh Province at an altitude at and above 1200 masl. This Coffee is grown under shade trees, helping the coffee reach its full potential. Traditional wet-hull processing and the distinctive micro climate of the area coupled with passionate farmers all come together to make Golden Gayo coffee unlike any other.

Flavor Notes

Grapefruit - Tobacco - Earthy

Processing Information

Wet Hulled

After picking only ripe cherries, the skin of the cherry is removed using traditional modified wooden hand pulpers. The pulped cherry is then fermented for a maximum of 2 days in plastic bags or tanks. Then the mucilage is then removed by washing the seeds, drying the parchment in the sun until the moisture content reaches 20-24% and thus suitable for hulling.

The hulled beans are then dried to 12-13%, afterwards the seeds are ready for sorting, grading, bagging and export.

Regional Information

Takengon is the capital of the Central Aceh Regency located in Aceh province at the northern end of Sumatra with a population of about 230,000. It is one of the main regions producing Arabica coffee in Aceh Province also in Indonesia (48.701 Ha with approximately 37.000 farming families being involved in coffee production). Arabica coffee was first planted in this region of Indonesia in 1924.

Coffee in this are protected from blending or mis-labelling through the development of Geographical Indication (GI) index by the government.

New in 2020

The producer notes that in the current market, more and more buyers are looking for different processing methods, and that is something PT Indo Cafe will start to work with.