John F. Kennedy was born in 1917 May 29th and throughout his life time he has gave one of the most inspirational speech that made a mark in history. At the time when he gave the speech racism was still an issue and at the time Martin Luther King Jr has recently passed away. Which really affected the African american and in order to calm them down John F. Kennedy went to the place that was most populated of African american. Which was Louisiana and when giving the speech John F. Kennedy stood on top of a flat bed truck. This is really risky for him to do this because of the issue between the color and the whites. He even ignored what the police said but he manage anyway to calm them down a bit.

John F. Kennedy was not only known for his speech but also for all the good he has done. People has built memorial statues for him and one of the statues can be found in Boston along with other people as well. Even today John F. Kennedy son and Martin Luther King Jr son are working together to make this world a better place. JFK has put a huge effort towards us and he has really made a difference. JFK is a inspirational person to us for taking a big leap for man kind.


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