#RefugeeToCitizen By: Sophia Merrifield

I'm about to leave my home in Syria to apply for an application. #PossibleRefugee
Just booked an interview. #CantWait
I think I'm going to be able to leave. #NailedIt #OMW
This is taking forever! #OHMYGOSH
Just got a call back. All I have to do is convince th U.S. Agency I'm a #GoodPerson
Yes! Yes, I got my screening results back, they're #positive . I have a little more work to go. #WooHoo
It's been about a year and a half, and I'm still WAITING for my second set of screening results! #stressed
Okay, okay! Just got my results back again, and I'm able to live in the USA as a #Refugee ! Now, I just have to get a #Job
Few! Just found a job working at a restaurant that allows me to work on my English. #Improving
I've been working at this job for for a solid three years, and my English is coming along great! #CantWaitFor5Years #AlmostThere
Yay! I'm able to get an education with the money I saved and I'm able to study what at want at #Harvard ! #CollegeStudent
It's been five years, I've taken my test, and I'm now a #ProudAmerican

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