Types of government


  • Family members own it, so like a queen or a king
  • Fair: It's not really fair because only one family
  • pros/cons: could be a good family or leader
  • con: could be a very bad leader
  • restrictions: People don't have much power
  • countries: Uk, sweeden, norway


  • Small group of people have power
  • Pro: They could make good decisions about what to do
  • Con: They could be power hungry
  • Restrictions: the people don't have power
  • countries: North Korea, Old sovietunion


  • Citizens have power and elect representitives
  • Pro: People have power
  • Con: leaders still have some power so they could make bad decisions
  • This is fair
  • Restrictions: The leader doesn't have complete power
  • countries: middle french, latin, french


  • The government takes the responsibility to produce goods
  • pro: governmet does all the work for you
  • Con: people don't have much power
  • countries: china, denmark, finland


  • When there is no government because of a death of a leader or a outbreak
  • Pro: no dumb rules
  • Con: people can do what ever they like with out getting in trouble
  • Fair: kind of
  • Countries: iceland


  • Where every good is divided up evenly
  • pro: You know you will get the same things as others
  • Con: People might get lazy
  • Restrictions: people might not get what they need
  • Countries: North korea


  • People have power and can elect representatives or vote for anything
  • Pro: The people vote for what they want
  • Con: Somethimes they don't know what they are voting for
  • Countries: U.S.,


  • One person controls everything
  • Pro: Decisions are made fast
  • Con: One person has all the power
  • rectrictions: Only one person has ower
  • Countries: Egpyt, China


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