St. Peter Principal's Weekly Newsletter August 18th

Our Key Cottage friends are having so much fun!

COVID Exposure: If an immediate family member of the same household is planning to get tested for COVID, please have all students remain home pending results.

Please remember that no one should come to campus if they are feeling ill or having any symptoms. If your child is positive for COVID-19 or had exposure to another positive person recently, please contact our Deans of Academics, Suzanne Roth (Key Cottage - 3rd grade) at sroth@stpetercov.org or Lauren Johnson (4th - 7th grade) at ljohnson@stpetercov.org. Students will only switch to virtual learning when quarantines are required.

Morning Carline Reminders

Washington Street Carline: This carline moves very quickly in the morning! If you are dropping off students in 1st - 7th grade who do not need assistance getting out of the car, please consider using this line. If your child needs assistance getting out of your car, please use the Pavilion carline where teachers are looking out for students who need help.

Key Cottage Carline: For the safety of our students, please do not let students out of your vehicle until a teacher has arrived to help them out of the car.

Morning Kindergarten Carline: Please hold your carline card out the window if you need to turn into Pavilion carline after you have dropped off your Kindergarten student.

Afternoon Carline Reminders

Pavilion Carline:  The carline starts on Jefferson coming from St. Paul's. Please be respectful of our neighbors by not blocking driveways or making U-turns on nearby streets. We have had a few complaints regarding parents turning left off of Jefferson onto 19th Avenue, "cutting" in carline. Please go to the end of the line.

Multi-Rider Carline Reminder

Multi-riders should not be in line before 2:35pm. We need time for the single rider dismissal to end before we begin the multi-rider dismissal.

Thank you so much for all of your help as we continue to strive to have a smooth carline!

Mrs. Sigler is reading to students in our new Media Center/Library!
Thank you to the 7th grade Class of 2021 for our new door mat!
Mrs. Sturlese's classes are riding into the new school year!


If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher at St. Peter Catholic School, please contact Mrs. Janice Bardy at jbardy@stpetercov.org for more information.

Please complete the order form and return it with payment to the St. Peter School office. When using VENMO, please be sure to return a form with VENMO clearly marked. Please make sure the venmo message has your child's name and homeroom.

Room parents are needed! Click here to sign up!
Click here to sign up for this year's Parents' Club Committees.

Has your family moved this year? Do you have any new contact information? Please email Tanya Montour at tmontour@stpetercov.org with your updated family information.

The St. Peter Family Directory is posted on Plus Portals under "Files."

Even though we have free breakfast and lunch this year, parents are asked to complete the application here: https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application

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