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Graffias are one of the well known child's favorite animals in story books and in general. they are saying that Graffias are going to soon be not around much longer. there saying because the population has gone down a lot since 1985 that in the next 20 years they'll be gone. us humans need to be more nicer to our animals. I believe that us americans do need to focuss more on this world more than worrying about others. animals have a life to live also and us being curl to them is just not right. December 8, 2016
KFC just came out with a scented candle that smells like there fried chicken. there saying that if you are having a date night or something that what better smell is there than a scented candle that smells like fried chicken. i am not sure how i feel about this. if i was having date night with my friend or boyfriend i don't know if i would want a scented candle that smelt like that. kfc is fingering lickin good not scented good. december 11, 2016
this young girl dodge 12 bullets that came through her front porch while she was sitting on her fathers lap. she is 1o years old. she was just sitting with her dad and she heard gun shots she ran inside with her father and her father is trying to shield her from the bullets. her father was shot multiple times. she was able to take care of him and tell him everything will be okay and she will see him again if he passes. to this day he is still alive this happened on the 1st of September. People are just rude to just start shooting there gun at innocent people.
over the week 17-18 of December it was the coldest it has been in a very long time. the high this week was in the negatives. and the windshield was terrible. with the weather being so cold the roads were terrible cause it snowed and the cold, cold weather made them really bad. so when people are driving i would be very careful. December 19, 2016 .
on saturday morning a dad and his son were sledding down there drive way. when they were sledding there sled entered the road and was struck by a jeep cherokee. they were both rushed to the hospital. the dad is no longer with us anymore and the boy who is only 4 years old is injured but will recover. the people driving the jeep were not injured at all. My opionin on this is that when sledding watch out for cars and not only that don't sled on the road or close to one try to find a hill that is safe to slide down on. December 19, 2016
this morning on december 19,2016 russian ambassador to turkey was shot during a speech he was giving in a Art museum. while was talking he was shot. the "cop" behind shot him. this shows that we can not trust anyone. even if the people we think we can trust the most. and first of all why would you want to kill others that have done no bad to you? makes no sense. december 19.2016
ROb kardashian and his girly friend have splittin up. on robs story he showed a video of her leaving and in all the rooms and in the kitchen she took everything including the baby, Dream. SHe says that rob needs help but will not seek any medical help. and shes been trying to help him and loving him but non of that is helping anymore. so she did what was best for her and the baby. she was very smart cause you should not have baby's around things like that. . 19 december 2016.
Europe is getting stronger on gun control because of all the mass shootings that is happening and all the terror attacks. they have banned sales on all dangerous weapons. they have now made it harder to get firearms legally in the EU. In order to get a firearm you need to do a medical check to make sure you are good enough to get one and have a good background. i think that this is good because there are a lot of crazy people our there and they do not use there gun properly . a lot of innocent people lose there life. 21, December 2016.
Walmart is getting rid of sweatshirts that says "Bulletproof. Black lives matter." a lot of people were complaining because they got rid of shirts and sweatshirts that had the confederate flag on them, but were still selling the black lives matter t-shirt. I believe this is a good thing to do because i don't have a problem with any one but i hate violence and i would hate to see all of this turn into something that is really shouldn't. All love not hate. 21, December 2016.
2016 are coming out with some pretty cool new toys. there is this new pet that is called the furry pet that will cost $60. that is a lot of money for just a pet or toy because your child is just going to grow up and get sick of it. but there is also this new pet that can do self hatching, like an egg. I think that is pretty cool. i think also that it is pretty cool that now that i am getting older to see all these new toys that are coming out. because they are all changing from when i was younger. 29, November 2016
you can now design your own ugly sweater. over the past year sweaters have been selling like crazy. they have sold over 5 millions dollars in ugly sweaters. you can wear anything on them when you design them yourself. with having hideous writing and ornaments and hanging lights. its a fun and funny season and every one should be part of it. they sell mostly during thanksgiving and christmas season. 22, november 2016.


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