School in Brazil

In Brazil, anyone can go to school. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, you have to go. According to the Brazilian government, everyone between the ages 6-14 have to have some kind of schooling. However, when students reach secondary school (ages 15-17) the attendance numbers drop because they have to support their family and attending school becomes optional.

To receive an education in Brazil is not very costly. In fact, students get to attend for free. All the schools in Brazil are government funded. However, if a parent believes that the schooling in their community is insufficient, they may go to a government building and apply for homeschooling. The process of filling out paper work and questioning from a government official, of course, takes a lengthy amount of time.

A students typical school year in Brazil is quite the opposite to a school year in America. Schools in Brazil run from February to March, and November to December. Their summer vacation is from about mid-December to early February (this is because they are on the Southern hemisphere).

Interesting Facts

  1. They have a different grading scale (A= 90-100, B=70-90, C=50-70, D=30-50, F=0-30)
  2. Secondary school is optional
  3. 9/10 children attend primary school when they reach 6 years of age


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