Those Pesky Conservatives by isaac salazar

Turn on any daily news network, what familiar face do you see all over headlines? Yeah, that's right. I don't even have to say his name, but I'm sure that's who popped in your head. The media portrays this man as someone who is "wrong" and absurd. Hypocrisy is bliss.

During the 21st century, those involved in political parties usually tend to be labeled as bad people, but is society labeling them as such? Research states, "The UTI says in a new report, that the number of people using social media has reached a peak of one billion users". A good percentage of those users tend to get their news from social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and some people even take matters into their own hands and continuously post about political figures like they know them personally, so safe to say social media has kind of screwed Conservatives over, at least towards the younger generation, the Millennials. The Republican party got the worst of these antics caused by young social media users, making Donald Trump and other big name Republicans as racist, misogynists, and much more. The Presidential Election proved how ignorant and close minded Americans really are.

Donald Trump ran for the Republican Party, of course, during the election. While Trump had supporters, he also had lots of hating on him, simply because he was not a guy who held back on anything, he spoke what was on his mind. Hell, even after he had won the election that night, he was still receiving hateful comments on his Twitter account. An article by CNN says "American political theater is increasingly played out on the social media stage. On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump, the tweeter-in-chief, was judged at every turn by his supporters, critics, colleagues, and opponents." That is one of many of his speeches and he has received so much backlash, you sit and wonder "Dude just delete your damn Twitter." But, it is his also his job to address concerns the country has, and his way of doing it is through social media, can you really blame the guy? Social media is a harmful place in today's world, and it seems to be noticed by those high in office.

Social media causes Republicans to look more like the bad guys everyday, by everyday teens or young adults posting dumb shit just because they do not feel okay with The Donald doing his thing. A lot of this stuff can fall under the category of propaganda. Let me through out a tiny example; a teen does not Donald at all, cool good for her. What she will do is post negative comments about him, and make her candidate, whoever that might be, look like the best thing that has happened to people since sliced bread. That can be looked at as propaganda. You got people posting videos of fights and scuffles as Trump rallies yet won't show the same at Hillary's or Bernie's rallies, what the hell man. I'm 100% sure there's some because I have personally seen multiple videos of them. They also tend to not get the full message whenever a political figure is portraying their message. Example; during the summer of 2015, Donald Trump said he wanted to deport all 11 illegal immigrants inside the 'States. Immediately, you have people on his ass, calling him a racist and other words relating to that, simply because he expressed an issue which no one really cared about obviously, being that Obama gave amnesty to over two million illegal immigrants without anyone flipping out. How does it make America look on the outside? Other countries scornfully laugh at us, which is pretty embarrassing if you ask me, but hey that's just me. What is needed is social media to be limited. People see a situation arising and immediately freak out and change up the damn story, throwing facts that aren't really facts, truth surrogates. If you are to ask any young adult, and i know because i recently did a personal poll, as to what facts they can bring up that make Conservatives bad guys or even good guys, they aren't able to. Most people listen to what their parents say or who they like higher in office which is sad. Apparently young adults cannot think for themselves. Oh well right?

In conclusion, I support fully the idea of social media ruining the image of the Republican Party, and any ideology in general. There's nothing you can do to control what other people do and say on the internet, but you can sensor your mind from ignorant bigots. Read a newspaper or find a different source for news. Almost anything is better than getting your news from Twitter or some shit like that, just my opinion.




Created with images by Kristoffer Trolle - "Donald Trump street art in Copenhagen"

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