My Mother Sarah Church


It has always filled my mom with joy to see me grow and change from baby to toddler to child to young adult. Every revelation, discovery, and accomplishment for the last 14 years has brought her a great source of joy.

There is something about unconditional love for a pet that can fill us with joy when everything else in the day seems bleak. My mom's soft purry warm kitties always makes her smile.

Family and friends fill my mom's days and years with love. It is usually the anticipation of spending time with these people that fills our hearts with joy.


I am sorry to say that the only thing I am hopeful about with the incoming president in administration is that there might be a way out before we've suffered through four years. Thank goodness Impeachment will always be an option. Let’s hear it for Meryl Streep!

I feel hope when I see people accepting each other despite their differences. Its nice to imagine a society where differences in race, religion, and gender preference don’t matter.

It fills me with hope to see unexpected examples of people being kind to each other. Sometimes in today’s world it seems to happen less and less.


My mom told me she is extremely proud to watch me grow up to be the beautiful intelligent talented and caring person I am.

She is proud when she sees her students show passion for their music and improvement for their playing through practice and hard work

As a musician and a band teacher my mother is filled with pride to hear a piece of music well performed after much rehearsal.


Politics gives my mother pause because she is very discouraged with the political progress of this country. She thinks it seems that we are more at odds than every before and she is very concerned for the future

Fanatical religion gives my mother pause. She tells me there is no one right answer to religion. Everyone must decide this for themselves and respect eachothers’ differences without trying to force their own religion upon someone else.

Prejudice gives my mom pause. She astounded that even today so much prejudice exists regarding race, religion, and gender preference. I wish prejudice was dying out instead of showing it’s face in ugly situations


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