Time Plan Times March 2017

Internal Newsletter – 13th March 2017

It's been a long time now since the last TimePlan Times but hopefully we will be recommencing this regular address from now on. A lot has happened recently for us as a company and there's a lot to talk about but let's start by welcoming our newest team members.

In IRT we have taken on Bobbie Shea as an apprentice resourcer.

Joining London is Samiiha Sharif, Resourcer.

Joining the ranks in Essex we have: Daria Strzelecka, Recruitment Coordinator and Faryal Kiany, Recruitment Coordinator.

In the East Midlands Abbie Drury, Recruitment Coordinator,

and last but not least for Surrey we have Jackie Bown, Recruitment Coordinator.

Essex Social - Romford Race Track

Essex have been out and about with their teachers last weekend taking them for a night at the Romford Dogs Race Track, Mini Alan also made his first public appearance; not long till he’ll be running marathons as well!

Ascot Update

We have now filled 35 out of 45 places for out trip to Ascot in June, if you have teachers still wanting to attend this please get in touch asap!

CV Search Leads

As most of you are probably aware we have be reworking the way we acquire and process candidates and CV search leads from our various jobs boards. Along with this we have also produced a schedule now to grant all offices access to our different jobs boards CV search databases at various times throughout the week. On top of this Olivia and our new apprentice Bobbie, will be CV searching on behalf of all the offices still.

To facilitate this Ben has created a new staff status for STAR, “CV / JB Leads”

you can find all of the CV search leads that Bobbie, Olivia and yourselves have found and entered onto STAR by using the teacher filter to filter your new CV / JB leads.

These will include CV search leads and applicants through jobs boards.

Web App Changes

Along with the changes to jobs boards we will also be making a slight modification to the way Webapps are handled.

From now on three times a day IRT will sort through the Webapps, Vetting CVS when they are available, and distributing them to the offices in the usual style, but they will not be vetting them via telephone from now on. This will be done three times throughout the days to help ensure the quickest possible processing of applicants.

Best Practice CV Searching

Just a quick few hints regarding CV searching.

1. Search for qualifications. Try searching “PGCE” or “B.ed” or “QTS” etc.

When searching in general for teachers and not a specific subject, a great way to look for a mass of qualified teachers to contact is by searching for specific teaching qualifications. This helps reduce false positives in your search showing up as a teacher because they once taught piano for a week, and put “piano teacher” in their CV.

If you type in PGCE for example, it’s unlikely for the letters PGCE to be grouped like that when they don’t mean Post Graduate Certificate in Education, this also increases the likeliness of your results being full of qualified teachers.

2. Use quotation marks “English teacher” not English teacher.

If you search on many jobs boards for English teacher without quotation marks it will search for CVs that contain the words English and teacher, so they may be a Yoga Teacher that did GCSE English.

If you type in “English teacher” in quotation marks, in most cases the CV database will then search for that exact phrase so the words will have to appear in that order, again this should help reduce false positives and irrelevant results in your searches.

3. Vary your keywords.

Try searching for “Teacher of History” as well as “history Teacher”. It’s reasonable to make assumptions about what a teacher might put on their CV but we must account for variations.

Another thing to try is adding, the full stops between letters in acronyms; i.e. try PGCE and P.G.C.E.

4. Date Entered.

A very important field to mark when CV searching is the date entered or CV last updated. An important part of CV searching is to make sure we are contacting people who are looking for a job. If you set the CV entered date to one or two days, that means it will show only CVs that have been uploaded in those last two days, it’s safe to assume that if they put their CV online on a jobs board they will be looking for work. However if they put it on over a month ago, chances are they will have found work.

TimePlan Harrods Party

On March 25th we will be having a belated Christmas party; Afternoon Tea at Harrods, if you are still interested in attending please get in touch with Bobbie.Shea@timeplan.net by Tuesday Afternoon.


A huge congratulations to Laura Mills on her promotion to manager of the Surrey office, it’s a big responsibility to fill but we have the utmost faith and wish her the best of luck in her new role!


Along with welcoming some new staff to the company I also invite you to welcome some new babies to the planet! A huge congratulations to David on the birth of his Son Charlie, now 3 months old, and to Alan on the birth of his Son Kieran now also 3 months old, but already working at the office in Essex!

And finally a also happy birthday to David Fowler who just turned 20 for the second time recently! He did try to keep it quiet but we can’t be having that now!

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