Good Life Activity at the FLorida Museum of Natural History Anand Rajan

Selfie in the Butterfly Rainforest
Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics: The Butterfly Rainforest is one of the significant places of Gainesville. The exhibit is a work of art. I could recognize the magnificence of the rainforest by the mere expressions of the visitors. The exhibit allows for an up close experience with the butterflies, which is both a thrilling and spiritual experience. One gets too see both the beautiful colors of the butterflies as well as the plants. However, I do have mixed feelings as to whether this was the opportunity to experience nature as Leopold recommends. From my understanding, the best way to experience nature is in the wild. Though the museum does go to a long extent to instill ethical responsibility and give a quality experience with nature, it has its drawbacks.

Extinction Gallery
Selfie with the hip bone of a Dinosaur

Nature on Display: The most interesting exhibits I found at the Florida Museum of Natural history was the extinction gallery. The gallery first captured my attention when I saw what seemed to be illuminated hieroglyphics on the wall leading into the gallery. I have been an avid fan of fossil galleries since I was a kid, therefore I was immediately hooked when I saw the fossils displayed in the middle of the room. One of the many interesting facts I learned from the exhibit is that camelids were able to run up to 30 miles per hour with a leg structure that consisted of elongated digits. Though this is a fact I could have learned via the internet, to be able to analyze the structure in person helped me understand it much better.

Nature and the Human Spirit: One of my favorite aspects of the Florida Natural History museum is how it helps us step out of our ordinary lives. You are almost immediately sent into another world once you step into the museum. The museum incorporates both history and discussion of nature currently. You can explore from the Mesozoic era to the the deep ocean. The museum does a phenomenal job of remaining informative while displaying the awe of nature. While walking through the deep ocean exhibit, I realized the majesty of nature. Though humans have learned much about nature during the span of time, there is so much yet to be explored. Every few months we hear of new species being discovered or new fossils being found. We tend to forget how long Earth has existed and the relatively short time span humans have been on this planet. This is what the Florida Natural History Museum reminded me on my visit.

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