"Who was John F. Kennedy?" by:Yona Zeldis Mcdonugh

"He was a hero now , and in 1944 received medals from the u.s. navy for his bravery. yet he remained modest . Later on, a high school student asked him how he had became a hero. Jack replied "it was absolutely involuntary. They sank my boat" (p.38)

Based upon the context clues ,"involuntary" means not subject to the control of the will.

"Later, he regretted using his wartime experiences to help his campaign. There's something wrong about parlaying a sunken PT boat into a congressional seat." (46)

Based upon the context clues "parlaying" means to beat or gamble on something.

"Later on, he began to buy and sell land. Went to hollywood and dabbled in the motion picture industry." (15)

Based on context clues "dabbled" to To play and splash in or as if in water.

"In 1920 the eighteenth amendment took effect- prohibiting or making it illegal to make, sell, or drink wine." (17)

Based upon the context clues "Amendment" means a minor change in a document.

"They thought that Joe's personality was coarse and crude. And they had a strong prejudice against irish immigrants."(18)

Based upon the text "prejudice" means racist to hate something or some one.

"Contestants had to answer questions on a wide ranges of subjects.Jack was a good as a grown-upon the program,and his school chums were impressed."(21)

Based upon the text "chum" means friends or classmates.

" One time, he snuck out of the infirmary when he was running a high fever,just to get to practice."(25)

Based upon the context "infirmary" Is a place you go when you don't feel good.

The two kids was bootlegging their parents alcohol when they weren't home and drank it all (p.32)

based upon the context clues "bootlegging" means to drink alcohol illegally.


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