British Wildlife Educational Products By The Nature Collection for British Wildlife & TTS

Introducing a new range of British Wildlife Educational Cards, Activity Packs, Playground Signboards and Animal Discovery Bags for children of all ages. Designed as learning tools for primary schools and nurseries, after-school clubs, forest schools or perfect to explore with the family, the packs celebrate our beautiful and intriguing local animals. The aim is to inspire all our children to go outside and be drawn into nature.

I am Susanna Ramsey from The Nature Collection. I ran workshops on Local Wildlife for over 26,000 children in London primary schools from 2010 to 2018. I took into schools my extensive ‘hands on’ collection of UK animal skulls and skeletons, wings, feathers, insect specimens, animal skins, antlers and taxidermy.

I developed slideshows, worksheets, talks and craft activities linking common British animals to topics in the Science National Curriculum: Local Wildlife, Adaptations, Bones, Classification, Food Webs, Habitats, Life Cycles and Measurements.

Susanna Ramsey

Children were thrilled to explore the Collection and learn about the animals which they saw everyday in the garden, playground or local park; fascinated to find out what different birds eat, how many young mice and rabbits have, how long foxes live and where butterflies and ladybirds lay their eggs.

During 2018-2020, I have worked with the leading school resources catalogue, TTS, to turn my ideas into products for use nationwide, combining their professional expertise with my workshop experiences and wildlife photos.

The products can be bought from TTS. Prices range from £4.99 to £79.95, ex VAT.

British Wildlife Educational Resources

Explore the whole range of British Wildlife products created by the leading schools' catalogue, TTS and The Nature Collection.

The products are perfect for use in primary schools, nurseries, after school clubs, forest schools or at home with friends and family.

Food Webs Activity Pack

Food Webs Activity Pack

Build simple food chains and complex food webs for our local animals. The pack contains 35 x A5 photo cards of animals and their food sources, plus diagrams of sample food webs for 6 of our common animals.

Price £19.99 ex VAT
Look & Learn Cards: British Birds, Mammals & Minibeasts

Look & Learn Cards: 20 British Birds, Mammals & Minibeasts

Learn all about our British birds, mammals and minibeasts (invertebrates) with 3 sets of 20 x A5 laminated, photographic cards. Each card has detailed facts about the animal on the reverse.

Price £14.99 per pack, ex VAT
Classification: British Wildlife & Natural History

Classification: British Wildlife & Natural History

Learn how to classify our British animals and explore fascinating objects from our natural history. Sort the 40 photo cards of UK animals / natural history objects onto the Classification Boards for amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals & reptiles.

Price £14.99 per pack, ex VAT
Animal Discovery Bags

Discovery Bags: British Birds, Mammals & Minibeasts

A unique way for children to learn about local wildlife in the animals' habitats and back indoors. Each pack focuses on 6 common animals: birds, mammals or minibeasts. The sets contain 6 soft toys, 60 photo cards, food bags and a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities. Also, a USB is included with printable worksheets, bar charts, animal booklets, food plates and other craft activities, plus all the animal photos.

Learn about 6 Minibeasts. Shown here are the Dragonfly & Ladybird soft toys, cards & food bag

Minibeasts Discovery Bag, Price £69.95 ex VAT

Discover 6 common mammals. Badger & Rabbit soft toys, cards and food bag

Mammals Discovery Bag, Price £69.95 ex VAT

Get to know 6 UK birds: Peregrine and Blue Tit, illustrated here
Playground Signboards

Playground Signboards

Large, weatherproof boards, 80 x 60cm, to put up in the playground or outdoor space. Children can learn to recognise 10 common birds, mammals or minibeasts. Each animal also has a fact file showing simple facts like size, diet and habitats.

Price £32.95 per board, ex VAT
Identification Wheels: Birds, Mammals & Minibeasts

Identification Wheels: British Birds, Mammals & Minibeasts

Large colourful wheels made of laminated card, 30cm diameter. One wheel for each group of 15 animals. Simply spin the wheel and point the arrow at the animal you want to learn about. Great for use outdoors, exploring the wildlife garden.

Price £4.99 each, ex VAT. Set of 6 for £24.95
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Susanna Ramsey