A Hunting Story By Johnny

This a Story about me Johnny Meyer and the gun deer season that I shot a 20 point White tailed deer. It was the day before gun deer season 2018 me and my little brother Sammy were playing pass Sammy said I can’t wait until tomorrow morning! Me too!

30 minutes later we were sitting inside watching tv my Dad said we're getting up at about 4:45. It was 6:00 pm and we had to go to bed by 8:30 we were really excited that gun deer season was tomorrow. I went into my room I turned on my tv and watched tv for a little bit and then started playing on my phone I clicked on the app hunting master I played for about 10 minutes and then my Dad walked in and talked about where we were gonna sit I said that I wanted to sit across the street. He said that he was thinking about hunting at Gary Splitters. “I have really good feeling about sitting across the street I feel like there will be a lot of deer moving over there”. Dad said so do I I think that you will see a lot of deer on the move. Dad said that he had good vibes he was gonna see a buck at Gary’s.

It was 8:30 it was time to go to bed I changed into my pj’s and turned of my light got under the covers. I thought about tomorrow morning I couldn’t get it out of my head I was so excited. I really wanted to get a big buck. Then I dozed off to sleep.

Chapter 2

Dad woke me up it was 4:30 he said that he woke me up a little early because we needed to pack food and other things like that. I got out of bed put on some clothes and went into the kitchen. Sammy was making hot chocolate and my dad was putting snacks in his hunting bag. Sammy said that he was gonna sit at Gary’s. I thought he would see some deer there he said that he had good vibes there.

It was 4:45 we were in the hunting and fishing room we were getting all of our hunting stuff on. Sammy said make sure you spray all your clothes with covering scent and I said oh yeah. It was 16 degrees outside and windy. So we had to dress warm. I put on a lot of clothes. I grabbed my gun and grabbed my bullets. I took them out of the box they were a brand new box.I opened it pulled the out I grabbed 5 bullets and put them in my pocket I said to my Dad and Sammy I’ll be outside. I went to the basement door and went up the stairs it was cool in the garage but not cold I went to the door. I opened it was really cold outside the wind hit me like a ton of bricks I put on my face mask I walked to Dad’s opened the door walked in it was dead silent. I walked up to the razor I put my backpack in the back I left my gun in the garage so that the scope wouldn’t get bumped. I went to the garage door and opened it. I got in the razor and turned the key. It didn’t want to start. I turned the key still it wouldn’t start. Then I tried again and then it started up. I let it warm up for a little bit. I turned on the headlights and backed out. It was just starting to snow. I drove up to the house garage. Sammy and Dad were standing there reading to get on I got out of the razor and walked to the door. I opened the door and grabbed my gun I put the sling on my shoulder. I turned of the lights and closed the door. It was snowing harder now. I got in the razor I am driving I buckled up and closed the net.

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