Lost in words By: Samantha Flores

Table of Contents:

Page 1: Cover

Page 2: Museum Piacard Project

Page 3: Never give up

Page 4: Ocean Poem

Page 5: Five lines

Page 6:Oranges Similar

Page 7:Emotion Poem

Page 8:Blackout Poem

Page 9: First Love Poem

Page 10:Poetry Reflection

Never Ever Give Up

The fight of life

The fear of giving up

But why quit?

Strive for success and go on

Fighting at sun down,

Fighting at dark,

And wake up and be another person

Do it for yourself no one else can ask why


You feel the breeze?

Do you feel free?




The boys, the girls, and the games you can play

There's so much you can see and do

Now go out there and have fun under the sun

Sweet Angel

My love for him is stronger than titanium

His love is like an ending happiness

When I am with him I feel like I am in heaven

Through my eyes he is flawless and I am worthy of his love

Angel is sweeter than a cupcake

Young Love

When I first noticed I was

old enough to go out,

I dreamt aloud about

my own true love

When we go out and play about

Eating ice cream pops

I noticed butterflies rise in my stomach

I tremble on my own words try not to make a mistake

We run and race each other I see her pink flip flops

And her bright orange toes


And dang it I lost myself and I can

Feel the blood dripping down my leg

I just made a fool of myself

I see her holding her hand out

And she pulls me close to her and whispers to me

If I'll like an orange

Her hair curls twirled in

Beautiful ways with her hair high up in a pony tail

Her smile that grew bright with her shiny lip gloss bright

Across her face when I approached her,

Her true beauty shows

Her eyes lit like the moon

Her skin is like gold

Her touch is not like any touch

And that's how I know she's my true love


Joy feels like the first bite of ice cream

Joy smells like a flower blooming

Joy sounds a crowd of laughter

Joy taste like a homemade meal

Joy looks like a room full of light

Joy is happiness on earth

Poetry Reflection

~ What have you leaned through our poetry unit

I learned that poetry has no rules or no certain way to write it. Poetry is also mixed with various feelings. I learned poetry can be your own voice and you will have it heard through poetry. Poetry is a way that people can convert what they think into words that represent literature. I learned that poetry is music.

~ What did you like the best and why?

The thing I liked the most is how beautiful poetry can be. I also love that there's no limits to poetry. I like that poetry dips into your true feelings and emotions because that's a taste of someone's life. Poetry is a connection between yourself and others with really making towards something or someone.

~ What you have discovered about yourself through writing an original poetry

When I'm writing poetry I feel like a better person and that I feel like I am more positive through poetry. I feel love, hope, and beauty. I discovered that I'm very attracted to beautiful artwork bright and colorful paintings. In addition, I discovered I love nature and I can relate certain topics to it and write about it.

~ How figurative language affects poetry no the reader/ writer

Figurative language makes poetry more creative and alive. Figurative language can make you see what's going visually it describe the words in a creative manner. It also can go beyond the meaning to what exaggerate what the writer is trying to say. Lastly it is important because readers can get the message through without it being so boring.

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Samantha Flores

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