Documentary 61 mins/ Greece

A window into Faoueyia' s world


*11th National DocFest Chalkida,Greece/25th November 2017

*16th Dhaka International Film Festival/ 19th January 2018

* 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival -Greece/8th March 2018

*16th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on WheelsTurkey /17 th March 2018


11th National DocFest Chalkida,Greece Best Documentary Premiere Award

Greek Press



“No soul knows what it will earn tomorrow and no soul knows in what land it will die. “ The Quran, Surat Luqman


Rainbow Street/Odos Iridos


Documentary 48 mins/ Greece

An observational documentary about the every day life in a Greek Roma settlement in Athens that is in danger of demolition.


5th Urban International Film Festival Tehran- Iran May 2015

3rd AegeanDocs International Documentary Festival - Mytilini - Greece -October 2015 official selection

24. dokumentART – European Film festival for Documentaries Neubrandenburg- Germany- October 2015

9th Chalkida National Documentary Festival - Chalkida-Greece- October 2015

Exground Filmfest 28- Wiesbaden-Germany 2015 Focus Greece section

14th Dhaka International Film Festival - Dhaka- Bangladesh - 2016


5th Urban International Film Festival Tehran Jury' s appreciation

Out of sight, out of mind.


At the Pharmacy/ Sto Pharmakeio


Documentary 41 mins/Greece

The daily life in a pharmacy in Athens, from 2010 to 2012, during the crisis that grips the Greek society. Without ever leaving the small local pharmacy, the film aims to show an atmosphere and a condition common in Greece today.Using the observational cinematic method the aim was to create a viewpoint of how everyday life is shaped by social and political conditions.


54th Festival dei Popoli Florence 2013

!6th Thessaloniki Int Documentary Festival 2014

Chalkida National film festival 2014

Two friends, one city, one country…




Documentary 47 mins/ Greece

Cairo 2010. Katinoula has grown old, but still actively serves a Greek-Egyptian lady of her age and origin. She does the chores around the house, haggles with the Egyptians in the marketplace and blesses each day even though what s left of her loved ones is just smiling faces in a picture. Where have all these people gone?Where all these years gone?Let them go... Let them be blown wherever...


14th TDF Thessaloniki –March 2012

5th Documentarist Film Festival Istanbul-June 2012

6th Festival de peuples Ânûû-rû âboro New Caledonia-October 2012

6th Chalkida Documentary Festival-Greece October 2012

7thDOCSDF Mexico-November 2012

1st Beyond the Borders Documentary Film Festival/ Greece- September 2016


6th Greek Documentary Festival-Docfest Chalkida /Greek Film Critics Association Award /Best Short Documentary Award/ Best Director Award

1st Beyond the Borders Documentary Film Festival/ Best Documentary Award





Let them go... Let them be blown wherever...


Myrna Tsapa

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