Newsletter Term 2 2021 Learners today, Leaders tomorrow

From the Principal’s Desk

It is somewhat of a surprise to be ending Term 2 with a lock-down with obvious impact on students and their families this week. It is clearly becoming a fact of life everywhere across our country that with little notice, we must change direction and work in different ways as we all deal with living with this pandemic, for a period of time potentially longer than we may have initially anticipated.

I acknowledge the many events that have had to be cancelled this week. Reward excursions for all the lower school students, the Zone Athletics Carnival, District Soccer competition and changes to the way the Year 10 subject selection counselling has had to be configured. I especially acknowledge the parents of IEC students who at very short notice were informed that they could not attend the graduation ceremony for their child during the week. Your children were wonderful, and whilst they missed their families attending, the IEC staff celebrated the achievements of graduating students with a ceremony in the school library and a magnificent cake.

I thank students, staff and parents/carers for their patience and understanding as these things have been modified or cancelled. Hopefully we can start Term 3 with a return to normal school operations.

Up to this point it had been a fabulous term, with students enjoying a huge range of activities to engage them in their schooling. In the following pages of this newsletter you will see many articles about these things and I would like to acknowledge the lengths our staff go to ensure that our students enjoy stimulating and diverse learning experiences, and the wonderful, positive way that students engage in them.

The development stage of the capital works program is almost over with works scheduled to commence at the beginning of the Term 3 school holiday break. I will provide further detail of these next term.

We welcomed our new Head of Learning Area, Mr John Townley, who comes to us from a similar role at Cecil Andrews College and specialises in Information Technology, STEM, and Robotics.

As is usually the case in schools, we say farewell to some of our staff at the end of this term. These are:

  • Vidhu Karolia – Home Economics Teacher On leave for the next 12 months,
  • Jacqueline Freeman – Design & Technology Teacher, Jacquie has been providing relief in the Design & Technology Department,
  • Ness Birkenshaw – School Psychologist, Ness is recommencing her position at Baldivis College
  • Michael James – Arts teacher, Michael will be continuing in a relief capacity
  • Nicole Volaric – English teacher and Year 10 Coordinator, Nicole leaves us to start her maternity leave
  • James Harris – Science teacher, James is taking up a permanent position elsewhere
  • Natalie Simms – Deputy Principal Senior School, Natalie is taking up a new appointment at Leeming Senior High School.

I thank these staff members for their dedicated service and wish them all success, health and happiness as they embark on new adventures. Thank you to all the parents and carers who support our school in so many ways including the wonderful contributions through the P&C, School Board and other curriculum initiatives around the school. I hope all our students, families and staff enjoy a relaxing, happy, and healthy school break.

Geraldine Hardy - Principal

2021 School Library Team of the Year!

In May, the Lynwood SHS Library Team, consisting of the Teacher Librarians, Library Officers and our Library Volunteer attended The Western Australian School Library Association (WASLA) Awards presentation evening. Principal Geri Hardy was present to see the team receive the award for 2021 School Library Team of the Year.

The WASLA Awards Sub-committee were delighted with the calibre of all the award nominees. Each year, this award recognises and honours an exceptional library team whose professional practice has a positive impact on student achievement and Information Literacy within their school. The award is open to primary and secondary school libraries in both public and private sectors.

Lynwood SHS submitted an extensive application , highlighting the strengths and abilities of the different staff members. There are many ways the Library team work to enhance the school’s teaching and learning programmes, whilst also providing a plethora of services to the students and staff.

Last year, Jenny Currie was awarded the 2020 Teacher Librarian of the Year from the same professional association. During the most recent presentation, the presenter commented that Lynwood SHS Library was the first to win awards in two consecutive years.

The Library staff are very proud of their achievements and have recently been featured in the local paper. The Trophy and certificate are proudly on display in the library.

Year 8 - Semester One Report

The Year 8 students have jam packed a lot into Semester One! They have enjoyed the Lynwood and interschool swimming carnivals, the Zone Carnival, and a range of other activities and events throughout the school. It has been pleasing to see students taking advantage of the variety of clubs as well; such as Chess Club, Rainbow Club, Anime Club, Robotics, Bookclub, Dance and Drama clubs. These clubs offer so many opportunities for students to engage in groups that interest them, as well as becoming a more active participant in school life.

Our students have received many ‘Student of the Fortnight’ awards during weekly assemblies. As well as earning positive Good Standing for their hard work, dedication and the way they demonstrate the Lynwood Values. We plan to hold our Lower School Awards Assembly on Monday the 26th of July, which will see an abundance of awards across all courses, as well as Most Consistent, Most Improved and Year Co-ordinator Awards.

Unfortunately, our Year 8 Incentive excursion to Hoyts Cinema in the last week of Term 2 had to be cancelled due to the COVID lockdown. We are so proud of the way students have taken this situation in their stride, and look forward to celebrating their positive behaviour and achievement in the future.

The Arts Showcase is on the 30th of July and many hard-working Year 8 students are looking forward to displaying their artistic talents on the Kennedy Baptist College stage. It is fantastic to see the confidence and engagement in our students.

I am so very proud of the way all of the Year 8 students have adapted to COVID restrictions this semester, by wearing their masks and practicing good hygiene. Students have worked really hard in their classes and have displayed a great attitude towards one another. I look forward to seeing the Year 8 cohort continue to grow and shine!

Joanne McDonnell - Year 8 Coordinator

Year 9 Coordinators Report

We started the term in masks and finished it in masks!

The past eleven weeks of joyous mayhem were punctuated by the zenful month of May, where we practiced mindfulness by colouring, eating, breathing, and moving.

Year 9 TAG teachers have been delivering the life-changing Everyday Leader program in quick-fire fifteen-minute lessons, which have kept both teachers and students on their toes.

The oval has opened (much to the delight of our soccer superstars!), the weather has cooled, and we have been collectively shivering through cold winter mornings. The Year 9 student councillors put on a delicious BBQ to help warm their peers and fill hungry bellies.

Thrilling soccer competitions were conducted by Mr Campbell and a 'Teacher versus Students' game ended in a thrilling penalty shootout. Though the recent lockdown has put a delay on our plans for an excursion, it has given us something to look forward to next term.

Ultimately, through our mindfulness training, competitions, and lockdowns, we’ve learnt to accept what we cannot control. We've also learnt to be grateful for what we are lucky enough to have - and what great lessons they are.

Stefan Woroglian - Year 9 Coordinator

Lower School Deputy's Report

When staff and students alike hear the phrase, ‘It’s a long term’, there’s always a small groan of dismay, tempered by the fact that there are holidays at the end. However, the term has progressed rather smoothly with everyone working in well together. Staff have supported students and students have engaged in their learning which is fantastic. Hopefully we are back to the 'new normal', and whilst other parts of Australia continue to be affected by ‘that which shall not be named’, I feel that we all continue to be resilient and move forward, supporting each other along this difficult pathway.

I just want to take this opportunity to remind parents/carers and students that Reports on student progress will be slightly different this year. We sent a letter home in the post a while ago informing parents that Year 10 reports will be issued at the end of this term so that those students can make educated and informed decisions about their Year 11/12 subjects. Year 7-9 reports will be finalised by the end of this term and posted through Connect early in Term 3. This was to allow more time for subjects to be taught, enabling students to maximise their learning this term due to Term 1 being slightly disrupted.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday and uses the time to relax, refocus and be ready for the latter half of the year.

Andrew Symington - Deputy Principal Lower School

Access 10

Hello Access 10 2021!! What an excellent Semester One! In just the first two terms we have successfully raised funds to support Anti-Bullying with our very first sausage sizzle where everyone wore their best ODD SOCKS! The teamwork displayed among the group was exceptional. From our very first ice breaker excursion to the super tough Year 10 exams, this group of students have continued to excel. Creating a family environment within a class can be difficult and I am very proud to have witnessed the consistent progression of these students in supporting one another in every way.

We are looking after the school by recycling weekly and have experienced a number of professions through Try-a-Trade, interview workshops, and career excursions which give students a cool insight into all kinds of industries. The class has strengthened in so many ways showing how wonderfully they contribute to the school and to their own success. I am proud of the Access 10 class thus far and look forward to further amazing achievements! Well done Access 10 Teachers and EAs….it's always a fun ride!

Amber Lucas - Access 10 Coordinator

A snapshot of Try-a-Trade, sausage sizzle's and interview workshops!

Year 10 Coordinators Report

Despite it being a long term, the Year 10 students have kept extremely busy over the last 11 weeks. They started the term with yet another lockdown but adapted extremely well to the hygiene practices in place and the rush to catch-up on curriculum time lost.

This semester, we had a strong focus on Course Selections which will assist students in Senior School. This included a strong focus on future pathways in their Work Studies classes, as well as information sessions (and our very first careers expo!) to clarify processes and available pathways. A big thank you to all the students and parents who participated in these sessions and contributed to their success. In addition to this, I would like to thank Giovanna Vuori, Alison Lethlean, Tanya Turner, Dan Bayliss, Monique Ryan and Nat Simms for their help guiding the students and organising these valuable information sessions over the term.

On top of Course Selections, regular subject work and our first lot of exams, the Year 10 students have taken part in a variety of events off-campus to showcase their skills. This includes the interschool debate competition, which saw the group take out their first win for the year! Students also nominated to participate in a Try A Trade program where they could experience jobs involved in Civil Construction, including ground compaction, levelling and concreting.

Unfortunately due to another snap lockdown, we were unable to continue with our excursion to Holey Moley and HOYTS. I hope when things settle and government advice deem excursions safe again, that the students enjoy the activities on offer as a reward for their good behaviour and positive contributions across the semester.

I would like to commend the Year 10s on their perseverance to get through this particularly full-on term. As I pass on the reigns to the wonderful Alison Lethlean, I would like to wish the cohort all the best for the rest of the year as I take some time off on maternity leave.

Nicole Volaric - Year 10 Coordinator

IEC Curtin University Excursion

On Friday 11 June, the Intensive English Centre Transition 2 class were thrilled to attend an excursion to Curtin University, organised by one of our partner organisations, Communicare. The day was an eye-opener in many ways and students had the chance to imagine and explore novel future career ideas. Students were guided by the Curtin AHEAD educational outreach team, consisting of both staff and university students to explore the academic and physical elements of campus life.

In the words of the T2 students in their post-excursion writing tasks:

“We didn’t need to worry so much and feel nervous to talk to the staff because they talked to us like friends. We didn’t need to call them Ms or Mr so when we talked to them, we felt very relaxed and happy.”

“The staff were friendly, kind and we adapted to them so fast.”

“It’s good to know about our future possibilities and to plan what we should do in our future.”

“Each of us paid a small amount of money to go on this excursion but we all knew that this experience was worth much more than the money we paid.”

“The best thing I like about university is that you can choose your own class times.”

“The classroom we saw was humungous and there are even bigger classrooms than that one!”

“Curtin University is as big as a town.”

“If we look at Curtin University from the outside, it doesn’t look beautiful but if we go inside, it looks really beautiful.”

“Every group worked really well on an Engineering activity. It was fun and we really enjoyed it.”

“This was one of the best days of my life!”

Reconciliation Week Flag Marshals’ Report

The Intensive English Centre Transition 1 class enjoyed the chance to raise the Aboriginal flag as well as the Australian flag throughout National Reconciliation Week, from 27th May to 3rd June.

The starting date, 27th May, remembers the date in 1967, when Australians chose in a referendum for Aboriginal people to be counted in the national census and be included under Australian government laws, rather than just state laws. This was a turning point in Australia’s history in many ways. The closing of National Reconciliation Week is on 3rd June, which is also known as Sorry Day and Mabo Day. It was the date in 1993 when Eddie Mabo won his legal battle to overturn the idea of ‘terra nullius’ and to have his right to access and use his own land recognised by the High Court of Australia.

In their studies this semester, IEC T1 students have developed both their knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, and their English language skills. Students created the following compound and complex sentence structures to express their experiences during Reconciliation Week.

“The flag team from Lynwood SHS raised the Aboriginal flag for Reconciliation Week for they wanted to recognise Aboriginal people.”

“The T1 students raised up the Aboriginal flag because it was Reconciliation Week.”

“I liked Reconciliation Week because we can say sorry to Aboriginal people.”

“Whenever the flag team raised the flag, we had to do it very respectfully and proudly.”

“We raised the Aboriginal flag so that the Aboriginal people will know that we keep saying sorry.”

“We raised up the Aboriginal flag so the Aboriginal people can see that we respect them.”

“We enjoyed raising the Aboriginal flag because it showed respect.”

A big thank you to Education Assistant Ms Lucy for her coaching and support to the Flag Marshals this semester.

EaLS - Mathematics

"The year is 2530..."

On Friday 28 May, the Year 7 EALS class explored the "RELICS: Bricks of the New World" LEGO exhibition as part of the Scribbler's Festival at the Goods Shed in Claremont, with Mr Colic, Ms Hanlin and Pre-service Teacher Ms Fazio. Instead of sitting in Maths and Science class learning about fractions or the water cycle, our vivacious students got hands on with LEGO and learned about possible dystopic future outcomes as envisaged by WA's very own LEGO Masters Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler. It goes like this:

Humans have long since left planet Earth after mistreating our environment for centuries. What's left is little more than abandoned objects, dilapidated structures and LEGO minifigs. With their adaptive nature and remarkable construction knowledge, the minifigs set on the inevitable path to rebuilding a world left in ruins.

Each masterpiece shows a different mini-civilisation, from a Max Max style "Beetlesville" abandoned car, to a glowing tech monolith "Terabyte Tower", to an interactive light up, honky tonk piano "88th Street" infested with LEGO creations, the tiny exhibit felt absolutely huge - and the students LOVED it.

Needless to say, students were left wanting to continue to explore and build their own LEGO creations. It seems that we quickly ended up in the future, but not as far as 2530.

Students got to keep their engaging work booklets from the exhibit, but the highlight was definitely singing "The Wheels On The Bus" all the way back to school, and crying out "secret tunnel" as the bus passed under every pedestrian bridge - much to teacher dismay!

Sven Colic - Year 7 EALS Mathematics Teacher

Coaches Report - Boys

Lynwood Soccer Academy competed in the State Futsal titles over the past two weeks. First up were the Year 9 and 10 girls who battled to the final but lost to Lake Joondalup. Unfortunately history repeated for the Year 11 and 12 girls as they to succumbed to Lake Joondalup in the final. The senior boys were probably the best team on the day dominating the group stage but a tough semi-final seemed to take it out of them and despite being 2-0 up in the final they ran out of legs and lost 4-2 in the Final. The lower school boys were up next, with the Year 7s dominating to such an extent we can’t remember the score in the final. The 8s also dominated as the final saw A play B in an absolute thriller. 4-4 at full time with the A team winning on penalties. The 9s played a mixed comp with the 10s which nearly saw 9A make the Year 10 final. They just lost 2-1 but they did beat our 9B team in the Year 9 final 4-2. And finally the year 10s found it tough going as they found themselves 2-0 down early in the final to a very strong AIC. Lynwood pulled it back to 2-2 as they started to gain control of the game but AIC made it 3-2 against the run of play. With only a couple of minutes left Man of the Match Lucas Kreuzer hit the equalizer and send it into Penalties. An early Lynwood miss looked ominous but two saves from Cooper Holland gave Lynwood the win.

Well done to all teams, 4 wins and 3 runners up out of 8.

Coaches Report - Girls

This term has gone extremely well for the Girls Soccer teams, with the term being busy with after-school games, zone carnivals and tournaments.

The year 8 girls won the Zone Carnival. Lynwood put in two teams and both teams played against each other in the final which proved a tough game. The girls were tired as they had played all day, and the final game was their 6th. It was a close game, but the A team won the flag, beating the B team 3-0.

All the girls have been training hard in class and recovering well in the pool after their weekend games. The schedule has been very busy in Term 2 with games after school as well as games on the weekend for the respective clubs. Therefore, the girls have needed to look after their bodies with proper nutrition, hydration and recovery. It is not pleasant on the ears when the girl’s get into the cold pool water, but it does aid thire muscles and tired bodies to repair and recover in time for the next sessions and the upcoming week’s work. Our school games have been going well and we have 4 teams all playing in the competition this term, Senior Girls, Junior A, Junior B, Junior C.

Our senior girls have only had one game so far as exams and other commitments have interfered with the fixtures for all schools and it has been difficult to schedule. The girls will get an opportunity to play the games between weeks 8 to 10 - here’s hoping we have some wins!

The Junior C students have been impressive with the team being 98% Year 7 girls. Some of the girls have never played ‘11 a side’ before and are competing against schools which have year 9 students playing in the teams. Our girls have really stepped up and have given the older girls some stiff competition. We lost the first two games by one goal and the girls won their third game by five goals. A huge improvement in such a short period of time, so well done to them!

The Junior B team have played two games each against the A teams of Lynwood and Safety Bay. Unfortunately, even though they played some good football they lost both matches. They have two games to play against South Coast Baptist and Safety Bay B and hopefully we will win both.

Junior A team have been impressive and won comfortably against Lynwood B, South Coast Baptist, and Safety Bay A teams. With one game left to play the A team are sitting top of their table, they play Safety Bay B team in week 11. Let’s hope it’s a win and a clean sheet to get them through to the next rounds in the School’s Cup.

During week eight, all the Year 7 to 10 girls and their parents were invited to a nutrition workshop. The girls and their parents enjoyed an interactive presentation that provided them with some practical information on the various foods that female soccer players should eat and the benefits to be gained from eating nutritious foods. An expert presenter from the fitness industry delivered an excellent presentation which was very informative and useful for our students and parents.

Also, in this term Lynwood’s Year 9 and 10 girls had the privilege of hosting and refereeing the School Sport Year 6 South East Region Girls Soccer Championships at Hossack Reserve. The girls set up the pitches for the tournament, scored, refereed and did the lines for the day. Our girls were excellent and very professional in their approach to their duties. At the end of the day, they presented the medals and trophies to the winners, the runners-up, and the Most Valuable Player for best player and best goals keeper. All the schools involved were very grateful for our students’ hard work on the day which helped the Year 6 girls enjoy their day and experience playing football.

Finally, our house indoor competition has kicked off, this runs each Wednesday during lunch and is split into Senior and Junior sections, each female soccer student has a house, and the houses play against each other. At the point of writing, it’s a close call on points at the minute. The house with the most wins will be rewarded with ten points towards the House Cup Competition 2021.

Let’s continue our hard work and effort in term 3, have a well-deserved rest over the holidays, let’s eat well and look after ourselves!

Ann Gourley - Soccer Academy Coach

Health & Physical Education

Term two has seen us return to the use of the oval after it has been going under renovation for the last 8 months, students are loving playing on the newly refurbished oval! Other notable events this term included: Year 8 Zone Carnival, Outdoor Education camps, after school sporting fixtures and coaching and umpiring by Lynwood students at various primary school events.


Yet another busy Term Two in the English Learning Area! Year 12 ESTs, Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN testing, Year 10, 11 and 12 Semester One examinations, and Semester One reports! After nearly 11 weeks I think we are all looking forward to the holidays.

Well done to all students for surviving the above tests and exams, especially in this current climate of COVID testing, vaccinations, mask wearing and lockdowns! I hope you all enjoy a well-earned rest over the break.

Congratulations to our debating team members this term as well. Week 6 and 10 saw them compete in the Inter-School Debating Competition for 2021. So far, our Year 7 and Year 10 teams have been successful in winning their first two rounds, followed by the Year 8 team who recently won Round Two. We wish them luck for Round Three next term and hope our Year 9 team can also score a victory.

On a staff note, we will be saying a temporary farewell to Miss Nicole Volaric, who will be leaving us for a while to go on Maternity Leave. We wish her well for the birth of her second child in August. Ms Cristy Ockelford, who is a familiar face at Lynwood, will again be filling in for Miss Volaric while she is away.

On behalf of the English staff I would like to wish students and parents an enjoyable but safe July break. See you next term!

Allison Taylor - HoLA English

Year 11 Coordinator

The best way to describe the Year 11's initial 6 months in Senior School would be dynamic. They have experienced a variety of Covid-19 restrictions, one of the coldest starts to winter we have experienced in a while, a shorter than usual term followed by a longer than usual one in while and then came their first exam break.

Research has found that students who practiced mindfulness reported improvements in a wide range of areas including decreased reactivity, increased curiosity and affect tolerance, improved patience, self-acceptance, and enhanced relational qualities. The Year 11s embraced Mindful May and engaged in a variety of activities, including 'Mindfulness walks' during their cohort assemblies. During the walk students were honing their ability to learn to be present and enjoy the moment.

The two-week exam break saw students embark on a variety of paths. ATAR students spent their time studying and preparing for their exams, while others attended classes working towards completing their Certificates, and this was done at Lynwood SHS or on a TAFE campus. A portion of the cohort sought work placements to gain valuable experience in the workplace, their learning and growth during this time will assist them in preparing for life after school.

This term saw the Integrated Science students try their hand at gardening and this was done through the creation of Terrariums. This experience allowed them to tie together learning from the Biodiversity and Sustainability unit. It was then followed up with an excursion to Kings Park to investigate the Fire Ecology of plants and what role we play in in the conservation of Biodiversity in Western Australia.

The tail end of the term bought together the Year 11 Social Committee as they met with potential suppliers for the 2022 Leavers Jackets. The finishing touches are being organised for the Year 11 Dinner Dance just as the Year 12 Ball planning begins. The students and I have embarked on discussions that will help to shape each of these events, making them memorable for all students in the cohort.

Even though Term Two has continued for 11 weeks, it feels as though time has flown by as this term brought with is many new experiences, challenges and valuable learning opportunities. Term Three is going to be an exciting one. I am looking forward to continuing work with the Social Committee on developing the leavers Jackets and planning the Ball, facilitating the ABCN Aspirations sessions that will run next term, and most of all, the Dinner Dance which will be held on Thursday 2nd of September. Bring it on!!

Emma McClelland – Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12 Coordinator

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Year 12s a smooth-sailing Term 3, as I will be on Maternity Leave from Week 5 onwards. I am so proud of your high school journey, and I have no doubt that you are ready to tackle the real world! I will miss you dearly, but I look forward to seeing you all at your final assembly and Presentation Night later in the year!

Mrs Ambrogio - Year 12 Coordinator

Year 12s Build a Bike team building exercise

Chess Club

Despite the interruptions that Covid-19 posed for school extra-curricular activities, we were able to recommence the Lynwood Chess Club in Term 2 and it has continued through the rest of the year with a group of enthusiastic students and staff. We meet on Mondays for mainstream students and on Thursdays for our IEC students, though both groups are encouraged to meet and challenge each other with their chess skills.

A special thank you goes out to Mr T R Singh and Mrs Hayes, school staff who have provided ongoing support for the Chess Club. Without their commitment, we would not have been able to continue with some of the many changes that have occurred during the year.

We invite more students, teachers and other members of our school community (including our school volunteers) to join in and support the students in building their chess playing capacity. Always keep in mind that playing chess improves mental ability and extends through to skills that are required to achieve academic success.

Act Belong Commit - Mindful May

Throughout May the LSHS community participated in Mindful May, an initiative of Act Belong Commit Mentally Healthy Schools.

Mindful May encourages students and staff to learn new skills to slow down and practice mindfulness. This is the idea of learning how to fully pay attention and be engaged in the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement. What an important mental skill to support academic development!

Many class teachers, EAs, TAG teachers and Year Co-ordinators embraced the message, presenting motivating and reflective activities to students across the year levels, including: mindful nature walks, yoga, jigsaw posters, classroom message displays, origami, mindfulness pledges, brainstorms, discussions, mindful stretching and more. Students participated the Library’s Mindful May Colouring-in Competition, creating exquisite coloured-in designs. Commendations and prizes were awarded to students and staff for their contributions. Well done to everyone who participated and picked up a new mindfulness skill during the month - long may your practice continue.

Year 8 Coordinator Joanne McDonnell

Technologies Learning Area

In Technologies, students are learning the critical transferable and enterprise skills underpinning the WA Curriculum of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Cultural Understandings.

In Digital Technologies, students are learning to code, design web and application content, to consider client needs, and industry standards of design with explorations of global digital citizenship and emerging technologies. Digital skills are now among the most important future focused skills for students to learn in school and beyond impacting every industry and career pathway. We are working on developing further opportunities for students to gain industry IT qualifications in Senior School as a part of a pathway to IT industry careers.

Design Technologies has moved into its newly refurbished centre with two Woodwork rooms, Metalwork, Industrial Workshop, Building and Construction, and an exciting new STEM room. The centre has also been equipped with new Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Milling machines, a Router, Lathes, as well as Plasma and Laser cutters.

Our Robotics club is set to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) ‘WarpDrive’ against fifteen teams from UWA, Curtin and Murdoch Universities, and several schools from WA on August 21st – 22nd at Curtin Stadium. It’s a free public event. Our two team Captains are Jithmini Amarasekera and Kieran McIlhatton in Year 10.


In the recent exam period Year 12 Hospitality students were offered the opportunity to attain the certificate for the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Students attended the TAFE campus at Bentley, incorporating some learning activities in the Bentley Pines Restaurant. In three days, students covered the content and attained their certificate, equipping themselves further for their future in the world of work.

Many thanks to Ms Turner for organising this activity.

Vidhu Karolia - Home Economics

Workplace Learning

The Year 11 Hospitality students have shown their enthusiasm, determination, and applied their skills in workplace learning.

Three students went through lengthy procedures of completing their applications for Crown Perth. As preference is always given to the Year 12s, the Year 11 Hospitality students will only commence their workplace learning in November. Some of the students completed their work placements at various school canteens and restaurants. It is pleasing to see when these opportunities result in student gaining employment from their work placements.

Five students are giving up their alternate Sunday mornings to run the Lynwood Soccer Club canteen at the Hossack Oval which extends their services to the Lynwood community. Parents have thanked them as they are able to watch their children play soccer instead of being rostered at the canteen.

It is commendable to see students change job roles, collaborate and organise duties amongst themselves and multitask activities ranging from taking orders, cash handling, coffee and tea service, preparation and serving hot foods and sandwiches. Students remain calm and patient even when there is a sudden rush of customers. Not forgetting the cleaning of the kitchen at the end of shift, which is efficient, orderly and sparkling!

Devon and Kate cleaning the kitchen at the end of service

Many thanks to Mr Campbell for suggesting this idea, Ms. Turner for organizing all the paperwork for students and Ms. Beattie (President of Soccer Club) for allowing the students to have this opportunity to practice their skills.

Mrs V. Karolia - Hospitality Teacher

Year 12 Children, Family and Community – Our Uthando Dolls

Each year the Year 12 Children, Family and Community class produce dolls to be sent to Zwa Zulu Natal – a province in South Africa. The dolls are given to children to help meet emotional needs. The Uthando dolls are made to strict guidelines to ensure they are suitable.

This year, the class produced an outstanding collection of dolls. Each doll possessed their own special personality!

C. Webb - Home Economics Teacher


Single Use Plastic going, going, gone! Lynwood Senior High School ahead of the rest!

The State Government recently moved to ban many single use plastics including; plates, cutlery, straws, cups and polystyrene food containers by the end of this year. Our school has already made the move to to reusable cups, plates and cutlery for school events.

Polystyrene cups ceased being purchased a few years ago and last year, 200 cups suitable for both hot and cold drinks were added to our reusable selection. These cups, with our logo, are made from 50% rice straw and are dishwasher safe.

In Australia, 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day, 1 billion cups a year! Currently, take away coffee cups are made with a composite of cardboard with a plastic liner – this makes them impossible to either recycle or compost.

Our canteen stopped using straws in 2019 and by next term plastic cutlery will be replaced with compostable bamboo cutlery.

Chemicals in plastic such as lead, cadmium and mercury can come into direct contact with humans. These toxins can cause cancers, congenital disabilities, immune system problems, and childhood development issues. Plastics also cause significant problems for marine life, from the smallest microscopic animals to fish of all sizes, marine sea birds and turtles all have ingested plastic.

Best practice is always to choose reusable products, take your keep cup for your takeaway coffee, bring your own water bottle, refuse single use plastic.

Kathy Anketell - Sustainability Program Coordinator

Senior School Deputy's Report

We made it! What an epic eleven-week term it has been. As I reflect on the term and the semester, I want to acknowledge all the hard work the Senior School students have put into their studies. I also want to acknowledge the respect, care and compassion the students show to the staff and to their peers. Lynwood students truly are the very best students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am extremely privileged to work alongside these amazing young adults - they are a credit to their parents.

Term 2 has been busy for all students in a variety of ways. The Year 11 students experienced their first Exam break, with ATAR students completed exams and other Year 11s taking the time to try work placement, catch up on assignments or practice OLNA skills. The Year 12s also had semester exams and ESTs to get through, and they did this remarkably well.

In Essential Skills the Year 12s have had the chance to listen to a variety of presentations from Universities and TAFEs to assist them with their post-school destination planning. I think many of the Year 12s cannot believe their high school journey is soon to end. The Senior School team is happy to help them during this time and support them through what can be a nerve-wracking period in their lives. It is also important that the year 12s enjoy their last term. I know that Ms Ambrogio and Ms Roberts are planning some brilliant activities to make memories for the Year 12s.

Ms Turner, Ms Ryan and I hosted Lynwood’s first ever standalone Career Expo in Week 9. The event was extremely popular and well attended by Year 10s, and some Senior School students as well. The feedback was very positive, and I am sure it will be bigger and better next year. Well done to Ms Turner and the Ms Ryan and Ms Volaric for facilitating a great event.

As we are halfway through Year 11, it is important for the Year 11s to realise the importance of passing all their subjects so that they can successfully achieve their WACE next year. Every single ‘C’ grade counts! Mr Bayliss, Ms McClelland and I have been monitoring and tracking student performance. Students are encouraged to keep up the good work, and to not leave things to the last minute!

Finally, it is with sadness that I will be saying my farewells to Lynwood’s amazing students this week. It has been an absolute honour to be their Senior School Deputy these last four years. I have so many great memories that I will take with me working with the students, staff and of course the parents. Thank you to all the students past and present- I have had an absolute ball getting to know you and seeing you grow into outstanding young adults.

In the words of Christian D Larson

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”

Ms Simms – Senior School Deputy

Important Dates

Term 3 - 19 July to 24 September 2021

  • Pupil Free Day - 19 July
  • Sustainability Week - 6 - 10 September

Term 4 - 11 October to 17 December 2021

  • Pupil Free Days; 11 October and 17 December
  • Year 12 Breakfast and Final Assembly 20 October
  • Year 12 Presentation Evening 25 October - Kennedy Baptist College
  • ATAR Exams 1 November to 19 November
  • Year 10 and 11 Exams 15 and 16 November
  • EaLS Presentation Evening 7 December