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Ministry Studies Accelerated cohort

The Ministerial Studies Program (MSP) is ministry training and preparation program that is designed to meet the Bible and theology requirements for licensing, ordination, and consecration within the Christian and Missionary Alliance. It focuses on developing the character and competency necessary to serve as a ministry professional.

Further, the MSP program is accepted at several Alliance Institutions of Higher Education should MSP graduates decide to continue on and earned an accredited degree.


Upcoming Cohort Launches
February 8, 2021
July 5, 2021

Program Highlights

2 Year Program Completion Window

Each course is six weeks long with a one-week break between courses. This allows students to graduate in two years.

Low program cost

Our desire is to make this program as affordable as possible. We are constantly seeking ways to keep prices low while keeping quality high.

Fully Online Program

Students can complete their studies entirely online. They can continue to live, work, and minister while completing this program. Furthermore, a fully online program allows students to learn on their time, not ours. We value flexibility.

Online Learning Community

Community is essential to education in our modern world. Students in the Ministry Studies Accelerated Cohort will learn together with a group of peers throughout the program. Students will have the same course evaluator who will be there to support and encourage students along the way.

Video Driven Curriculum

The new Ministry Studies Accelerated Cohort program relies on video teaching from content experts and seasoned ministry leaders.


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Why Do We Exist?

God's Vision

We exist because God is calling men and women to step into ministry leadership. Simply put, we are helping the next generation prepare to lead the church.

Your Investment

We exist because those who are called must be equipped. We want you to have the Biblical, theological, and leadership training necessary to succeed in ministry leadership.

Eternal puprose

We exist because Jesus has called us to build His Church. What better purpose can there be than to help raise up the next generation of leaders.

Who are We?

We are a ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The C&MA is a Christ-centered Acts 1:8 family seeking to bring the reality of Jesus Christ to the world.

What courses do you offer?

Section 1: Developing the Heart of the Leader

The first section of the MSP program takes a look at the heart of the leader. Before stepping into leadership, leaders' must shape their character. This can only be done in conjunction with Christ and the Holy Spirit. Once they’ve walked the road of discipleship, only then are they ready to lead.

MSP 101: The Story: Discovering God’s Big Idea

With 66 books, 1,100 chapters, and almost 32,000 verses, the Bible can be an intimidating book. The Story is a course that explains the all-important theme that unifies the Word of God into a unique and powerful story relevant to everyone. This class is seven weeks long and introduces students to key areas of Creation, Hamartiology (Sin), Christology (Jesus), Soteriology (Salvation), and Eschatology (End Times).

MSP 102: The Walk: Learning the Art of Discipleship

The call of Christ is a call to be different. What does it look like to follow Jesus? The Walk focuses on becoming a modern-day disciple; a follower of Christ who, day by day, looks more like the Savior. This six-week-long class introduces students to the topic of sanctification and the spiritual disciplines of engagement and abstinence.

MSP 103: The Book Part 1: Listening to the Voice of God

The Bible is God’s Word written for all people. If this Book is so vital, then why is it so difficult to understand? The Book is a course that offers practical steps on how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible in one's life. This six-week-long class introduces students to basic hermeneutics.

MSP 104: The Church: Living in Community

Did you know that when Jesus talked about the Church, He called it his bride? What does it mean to be part of Christ’s church? The Church is a course designed to uncover the truth that all mankind are made for community and dependent upon one another. Through an investigation of Scripture, students discover that the members of the church are gifted, empowered, and together they can change the world. This class is seven weeks long and introduces students to the topics of ecclesiology, pneumatology, and spiritual gifts.

MSP 105: The Mission: Uncovering the Heart of God

Throughout history, God has had one, all-encompassing mission. This mission has driven all He has done from creation to the cross. The Mission is a course designed demonstrate and immerse students in the single task God has given to those who follow Jesus Christ. This seven-week- long class introduces students to the topics of missiology and Alliance mission distinctives.

Section 2: Learning to Shepherd the Church

Leadership in the church is distinctly different than leadership in other sectors. The authors in the Bible consistently use the metaphor of shepherding when illustrating pastoral leadership. As such, the second section of the MSP program delves into what it means to shepherd for Christ. Emphasis is on understanding the unique roles and skills that pastoral leadership requires.

MSP 201: Ministry Leadership 101: The Life and Leadership of the Pastor

Pastoral ministry is both ancient and unique. It is ancient because there are examples of pastoral leadership and theology throughout the Old and New Testament. It is unique because the Church is a mystery revealed to us by Christ. This course acquaints students to basic pastoral theology while exposing them to the day-to-day reality of pastoral ministry and preparing them to step into ministry leadership well.

MSP 202: The Book Part 2: How to Read the Bible

Ministry leaders must be able to handle the Word of God correctly. Leaders must be familiar with the nuances of biblical literature, genre, and interpretive methods. This course helps students understand the Bible as literature, have an awareness of biblical genre, and explains appropriate biblical interpretation methodologies.

MSP 203: Communicating Biblical Truth Part 1: Preaching the Word

Knowing how to study the Bible is important, but so is knowing how to communicate what God is teaching in His Word. This course exposes students to sound homiletical (preaching) techniques that allow them to effectively preach the Word of God in any setting.

MSP 204: In the Beginning: Understanding the Old Testament

The Old Testament is the foundation of the Christian faith. This course is designed to help students understand the broad themes of the Old Testament as well as its characters and theology. This course helps students apply lessons from the Old Testament to modern-day life situations, understand the roots of New Testament teachings, and preach and teach from the Old Testament.

MSP 205: The Life of Christ and the Early Church: Understanding the New Testament

The New Testament describes both the life of Jesus and the birth of the Church. This course presents a panoramic view of the New Testament. It notes the significance of the life of Jesus and how He trained his followers. This course also teaches students how to read, study, and teach New Testament concepts.

Section 3: Learning to Lead the Church

The final section of the MSP program is constructed to teach ministry leaders how to function as effective organizational leaders within The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Priority is placed on helping students become effective leaders and managers within the local church as well as explaining the unique approach the Alliance assumes to accomplish the Great Commission.

MSP 301: Pastoral Ministry 201: Understanding Church Management

Effective ministry leaders must balance pastoral care and organizational management for the church to grow. This course focuses on practical topics such as the development of sound organizational structures and administrative acumen, and delineates effective pastoral office practices such as baptism, communion, and wedding and funeral preparation.

MSP 302: Communicating Biblical Truth Part 2: Teaching the Word

Ministry leaders must be both effective teachers and preachers. This course looks at teaching and analyzes how leaders can effectively engage learners in the classroom/small group setting with the life-changing message of the gospel.

MSP 303: Building Blocks of the Local Church: Evangelism and Leadership Development

For the Kingdom to advance, leaders must be developed. In this course, students study the principles necessary to recruit, equip, maintain, and motivate people in spiritual leadership within an organization or church team setting. The course content includes biblical models of leadership development and ideas for recruiting, provides various equipping venues for leadership development, and focuses on team building in the church.

MSP 304: Understanding the Alliance: Alliance History and Polity

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is an Acts 1:8 movement that seeks to bring the gospel to the entire world. This course teaches students the distinct Alliance approach to church governance, polity, and organization.

MSP 305: Organizational Dynamics: Understanding Change, Power, and Conflict

Every church experiences change and conflict. Ministry leaders must prepare to effectively navigate these issues to stay on mission. This course teaches students how to lead through the change process and biblically navigate conflict. Finally, students evaluate the issue of power, which is associated with both change and conflict.

How Do I Register?

New cohorts launch every September, June, and January. For more information about cost and how to register for an upcoming cohort, please email us!


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