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Emile Galindo

Professor Bevill

ENGL 1302-06

10 March 2017

Raise the Kids

Usually when one has an argument with another person who is extremely passionate about their choice both parties unfortunately do not get far in their topic. When the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage on June 26, 2015 in all fifty states, the opposing party was extremely livid. The opposing party felt that marriage should be between one man and one woman. If that party is against same sex marriage, then one will assume that they do not think highly of same sex couples having and raising children. Some say that the children will be corrupted by the teachings of the same sex couple’s perverted ways, or that the children will never amount to anything in life because they will have no morals or motivation. A child that is raised by same sex parents are more opened minded to the world along with the people in it, learning to answer difficult questions that are followed by harsh criticism, and proving that statistics are not always true.

When a child is born, he or she is born without fear, and they are not racist. They are intrigued by everyone and everything around them; every behavior is learned whether it has a positive or a negative impact on their lives. If a child is raised in a loving and caring home, then that child itself will grow up to be an exceptional human being. If the child is raised in an environment where they are constantly fighting and trying to “survive” then that child will have a barrier that causes them to be a little more difficult to get thru to. According to Mrs. Katie Hurley, a psychotherapist and writer for Kevin MD’s website children are not born as bullies they are raised to become bullies. Just because a child is raised in an unhealthy environment dose not nessicarily mean that they are automatically labeled as a “bully” or destined to become one, it means that they are more susceptible to that role. The same scenario goes the same way, if the child were to be raised in a healthy environment with loving parents and a healthy childhood they could still end up going a different route becoming a bully especially if they are not informed about the different diversities in America. When most of the public sees something out of the norm they become, scared and do not know how to react. Some will say that since a child is being raised by a same sex couple that they will destroy the child’s life by exposing the child to a poisonous environment. When in actuality, the child is raised to be so openminded to others and to their surroundings. These children thrive just as much as a child that has heterosexual parents. According to a study that was done with kids and their parents being both heterosexual and homosexual, the researchers’ results varied between the two study groups, however, at the end of the “day” the study found that no matter what the sexual orientation was between the parents’ researchers discovered that marriage between the parents was more beneficial to the child. Children with same sex couple as parents have more of an understanding and accepting attitude versus kids with parents that are heterosexual. This result what made because of what is considered an open-door policy; according to Dr. Crouch “since homosexual families find themselves in certain situations, they address the issues up front.” Since the household deals with issues in everyday “life” it helps the children learn how to deal with them when they are in their own environment such as school or daycare. Although more and more people are trying to come around to the idea of homosexuals marrying and having families, there is always going to be the Pro-Family party that feels that kids should be raised by a married mother and father.

The Pro-Family party is against homosexuals marrying and having children. Their reasoning is because kids should be raised by one biological mother and one biological father who are married to each other. When making this statement, they end up setting themselves back by their own words “married mother and father.” They make this statement without thinking of the heterosexual single parents, and when heterosexual single parents hear this they will assume that their children are not benefiting from just them. According to Susan Brown, a professor of sociology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio who studies family structures says that, that it is true that decades of research show that children turn out slightly better when they are raised by their biological parents, compared to those raised by single parents or in “step” households. With that statement, she did not mention anything about children being adopted and raised by a heterosexual married couple. Those who are Pro-Gay activists would see her assumption as invalid in some aspects, and will voice their opinions even more about why homosexuals should be allowed to get married and have a family of their own. Many who are against gays having a family and being allowed to marry will often try to bring religion into the argument. When it comes to religion there is no happy ending with those who try to challenge it. It is plain and simple, God created one woman for one man. He also gave his creations free will and therefor everyone is able to choose for themselves what they want in their life. Some will say that being gay is the most horrid sin of all, but when God views sin he views it from the top view, not a side view. He sees all sin as equal not as a bar graph. He still loves all of his children just as much as homosexuals and heterosexuals love their children, unconditionally. Anti-Gay parties will try and give negative statistics on what lesbians and gays do to children that are raised in that environment; fortunately, those statistics for the majority have back fired in a way that sheds light on the homosexual parenting world.

Statistics show that a child who is raised in a same sex couple environment still achieves the same amount of victory as a child who is raised in a home with heterosexual parents. According to Rich Barllow, a journalist who wrote an article titled “Gay Parents As Good As Straight Ones” that was published on the BU Today website for the world to see. In the article, he states that there were different studies that had taken place over a course of thirty years. These results were for the most part the same no matter where they were conducted. Some studies were done in places such as Europe, Australia, and the United States. The two researchers that he used the most was Benjamin Siegal and Ellen Perrin. Seigal and Perrin were professors of pediatrics, one in the school of medicine and the other teaches at a university that is also a director of development and behavioral pediatrics. These two professors discovered that after their studies there was a mere total of about two million children in America that are being raised by homosexuals as a couple and as single parents. Even though the opposing party feels that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to raise children they cannot deny that these children are better off being stuck in a system that unfortunately takes an explicable amount of time verses being raised in a stable home with two or even one loving parent that meets their needs. Where their education will not just take a “back seat” but in “fact thrive”; when these kids become of age they will be too old for the system and just be tossed out onto the street. If that is the case, then more heterosexual couples and single heterosexuals who are against gay and lesbian parents need to step up and adopt a child to prevent homosexuals from becoming parents. Until that day comes homosexuals have just as much a right to adopt and to obtain a family without being shamed for it.

All in all, these kids will be loved and at the end of the day there is no real normal family because what is normal to one child may not be normal for another. These kids will only learn behaviors that will have a positive effect and negative effect on their little lives. Until kids are completely taken care of the way they are supposed to be there will still be bullying going on. It is up to the parents and the people around them to show them the right way to handle something that is different. Discriminating against something or someone who is different physically or because of their household is unacceptable, and should stop happening. Honestly, gay marriage and families with homosexual parents are only a big deal because the public makes it a big deal just like racism.

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Looking Back

While taking the time to look back and reflect on my writing I have discovered that my biggest flaw is getting my point fully across. I tend to get off track and start talking about something that has little to nothing to do about the main subject, and it shows on my final grade. What I have taken from this course is that you can really take your personality and put into a format that not only is academically acceptable but still makes a statement to the audience. The essay that has made the biggest difference in my life personally is my argument essay. This essay has taught me communication by opening the door to a world that either gets backlash for being themselves or they go unrecognized, there is no in between.

When trying to hold your side in an argument you have to be able to automatically answer questions that are bound to follow from the opposing side. Along with having answers to those questions you have to have solid evidence to back up those answers and establish some sort of credibility when telling the opposing party your answers. When playing devil’s advocate, I had to find a way to not only answer the questions that I made up for myself but also prove to the opposing party my reasoning for allowing gays become parents as easily as straight parents do. Not everyone will love the pro-gay parent side, but both sides can agree on that a child is better off in a loving home no matter the sec versus in a system that already has too many children to begin with.

When writing this paper, I had spent hours on end wracking my brain on how to get my point across; I honestly cannot begin to write my entire paper unless I have my thesis set in stone. This argument paper helped me with that more than I ever thought possible. Since the professor allowed us to choose a topic to write about I kept thinking and thinking and I was kind of on the fence about this topic simply for the fear of not only being able to state and fully hold my argument but I was nervous that I would not find enough information on it. When you do the research though you can find information on anything. After finding all of the information I needed I just had to figure out how to write a thesis that will give me a stable foundation to build my argument on.

The biggest trouble that I have when writing an essay is my thesis; if I do not have a thesis I basically have no paper. My professor is really amazing about giving her classes the tools to write a thesis. It also helps that she gets the class involved to not only help out with theses, she allows the class to Ping-Pong off of each other and by the end of the class whoever was having trouble has a more solid ground to stand on than before. It helps the class as a whole and especially some who struggle with their paper’s foundation.

All in all, communication is key, however if one cannot communicate their argument and have a substantial amount of evidence with the proper credibility then the paper and the writer will fall. I have learned to not only create a paper that can stand by itself, but I am able to put my voice and my attitude into it. I feel that when people read my paper that they will be able to understand the point that I attempted to get across and trust that the information is real. Communication is key, having the tools is important, but knowing how to use them is even better.

Major Essay Drafts

Corse Work and Notes

About me: My name is Emile and I am twenty one years old. I love life and almost everyone in it. The quickest way to my heart is food and margaritas. I love singing. I believe that once you stop caring about what others think you will discover so much more about yourself than you could ever imagine. I love me some Jesus! I don't know where I would be if it weren't for my best friend Haley; she has been my partner in crime since we were five years old:)). When life got extremely tough at times all I had to do was tell Haley and she was and will always be my rational side. To Haley I love you sissy and thank you. My momma, she has taught me how to stand up and stand out even if that means standing alone; she has shown me that when you feel like you're caught between a rock and a hard place you say a prayer and push the rock. My family is absolutely crazy and anyone who can be around them while a family roast is happening is a keeper. I'm with the most amazing girl in the world and her kid is just as cute and amazing as she is. She has shown me that I can adult on my own, and her baby has taught me sacrifice (in a good way). I love them so much and my argument paper was written just for them. I love my family and friends and I love you two so much Katie and Logan!!!


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