When you're a little kid, you don't know a lot. You taste things for the first time. They're sweet. They're foul. They're surprising. And when you touch things for the first time, you find out that they're fuzzy. They're hot. They're sticky. Discovery is interesting. It can be joyful. It can be terrible. It produces emotions, sometimes never felt before.

When you're an adult, you touch those same things and you don't think twice. No emotions are conjured. Of course, the honey bear will be sticky if you grab it. Of course, the tea kettle will be bitchin' hot if you touch it. "The honey bear and the tea kettle don't give me much to discover." you'd think to yourself, if you thought about it. But you don't. When you're an adult.

When was the last time you discovered?

child's view of Lake Tahoe area from a car
a statement on masks
An innocent photo from taken from inside the World Trade Center, New York City 1996. 5 years later, I would be living in Japan as the building collapsed. The world changed. In 2002, I came back to a changed USA.
This is a car wash on the south side of Fruitridge road in Sacramento, California. This photo was taken in April of 2017. A pigeon steered clear of me as I took the photograph but otherwise, I don't think anyone cared that I took it. Lately, I've been thinking about the concept of starting over, or wiping away past stuff to make a clean slate start. I used to wash my past automobiles in car washes like these. I like them. They require quarters. I am guessing that this one gives you 2 minutes for $2. But that's just a guess. You have to put the money in to find out how long you get. There are no people here. Just machines. Insert the money, and the machine starts counting down. Some of these machines will give you warning beeps when they are getting closed to shutting off. I don't know if these machines will do that. If you're only going to buy the minimum amount of time, you have to decide how to best use it. Here are some of the choices you have to use your time with. Tire cleaner, engine cleaner, foam brush, wax, rinse, pre-soak, wash soap, OFF. Personally, I have never thought that pre-soak was necessary. If you're gonna clean your car, why wouldn't you just start by using the wash/soap option? How should I learn the benefits or disadvantages of pre soak? It's not the kind of information I want to google. It's something I want to ask a person. But there aren't any here. Even if there were a person here, would that person have a good way to describe the benefits of pre soak? I don't know. Maybe. If I ever see an employee at one of these car washes, I will ask them. Until then, I don't consider myself wealthy enough, or willing enough to waste water, earth's most precious natural resource, on the pre-soak option. I bet people that are arrogant use the pre-soak option. They probably think that their property deserves to be pampered. They probably think of their property as an extension of themselves. They probably do really arrogant things with their time. They probably own at least 5 mirrors, not including mirrors attached to their car. These are pre-soak kind of people. They would never think that just using the wash/soap option was good enough for them. They probably think about other people who they think are beneath them and the fact that those people would probably never use the pre-soak option. Probably. It's not my fault that they are arrogant. It's not like I can stop them. Live and let live I say.

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