five short Poems by Agustin villalobos-rico


Hate poem

Hate is all I desire

I hate gun games because my teammates are eggheads

I hate it when they don't use guns but knife instead

I hate it how they try to ninja defuse the bomb in the game

I hate it when there are super tryhards on gta

some people just don't know how to play

I hate it because tryhards won't stay away

They shoot me in my car on the freeway

I hate it when people make me cringe

That’s when I plan my revenge

1v1 cheeky bastard take you on any day

And maybe I will teach you a thing or two another day


Life is all about measurements

From height to weight

And from inches to feet

We measure a lot of things like when we're cooking

Measuring to the exact teaspoon

We also measure in height on how tall someone can be

From head to toe we are measured

We measure medicine to help sick people

We measure for how long they need the medicine

We measure depth and how deep things can go

Like when a submarine goes underwater

We also measure in length and how long can it go

Like rivers can run for miles

We measure time because of management

We measure our time to know where we need to be

High hopes

I see a little boy with high hopes

I see a boy that is innocent

I see a boy who has yet to meet the world

He sits there with his favorite blanket

Next to his favorite toys

I see his family around him so happy to have him around

There he is imagining of wonderful things

He is still yet to grow up and become someone

He does not worry because he knows he’s safe

I see him looking at his favorite show probably a show for kids

I see him happy and smiling because he was given a treat

I see him fooling around with other kids

I know that one day he won't be that same kid

Political poem

There is a lot going on in presidency

Our new president is being elected

Not all people agree with this

They protest on the streets

They will sometimes get out of control and start to riot

This is what they think of there next president

He will make laws making harder on immigrants

He has made laws against muslims getting stopped in airports

Even if they are legal or documented they are stopped

There is not much we can do now but wait

But some believe they can protest him

Some people believe there is a way to go against him

He says very hopeful words to us

He says the words such as “Make america great again”

These words mean nothing because america is always been great


We see and feel you everywhere

We see you in his eyes ready to burst

We see you it in the people trying to hold it in

There is anger everywhere

I see in the walls as they start peeling

I see it in the ocean as their waves hit the rocks

I feel you when i get hurt

I feel you when there is something wrong

I feel you when I wake up

I know you're here even though i can't touch you

I know you’re here because I always feel and see you

I sometimes see you in students when they know they have failed

I can sometimes hear you when people shout

I hear you in people's screams

I know you will always be in me

Created By
Agustin Villalobos Rico


Created with images by jarmoluk - "orange fruit vitamins" • K-ScreenShots - "Hate Background" • Skakerman - "Ruler" • pixel2013 - "apple tree tree leaf" • Alek S. - "Anti-Trump Protest - Chicago" • cre8tivehome0 - "fist bump boy outside"

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