Chapter 1&2 Settings Brandon, Donald,Domontaa

In chapter one author John steinbeck starts the setting in the natural environment where it’s peaceful and serene . It’s a beautiful place where animals overpopulate and live in zen. He goes on to describe the nature state as “the water is warm , for it has slipped twinkling over the yellow sands in the sunlight”. Steinbeck could be going into the story with a warm and relaxing feeling and just easing us into the story. Then chapter two swift's straight to the bunkhouse where is the place they work and the bunkhouse is described in the book as “Long , rectangular building. Inside the walls were whitewashed and the floor does … a solid door ” this show first they were in the serenity of natural environment and then the they go straight back into civilization . What happen Steinbeck ? Now you go from Nature in chapter one to city in the second you should take it easy and slow down the process.

n chapter two the setting starts off with a description of the bunk house. John Steinbeck describes it as, “a long, rectangular building. Inside the walls were whitewashed and the floor was unpainted.” This description gives the setting in chapter two a plain setting. In chapter two the setting revolves around the bunkhouse, therefore picturing a boring setting doesn’t give the chapter much of a happier vibe. On page 18 the text says, “in and out of the beam flies shot like rushing stars” this description shows the setting the characters are currently in is very unsanitary and more a of a classic feeling because of how dusty everything is as stated with the bar it was “dust-laden” which means heavily covered with dust. Not much is really given in this chapter about the outside setting, it’s just set on the ranch. This setting gives the story a changeup in mood to a saddened feeling, and the horrible conditions that the ranch is in.

Chapter one is described as peaceful outdoors while chapter two is set in a bunk house giving use a setting described as boring and if anything gives us a saddened mood shift as we transition from chapters. They change in atmosphere is noticed at the beginning of each chapter when john steinbeck gives us a small description of each new setting introduce to us. Chapter one has a whimsical element to us with a relaxed environment to introduce the two main characters. While chapter two is described as stale and bland which is drastic change from the relaxed environment of the Chapter one.

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