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MarketÜ is a BRAND NEW, ready to go, Saint Louis based creative marketing agency that delivers marketing programs designed to help brand awareness, attract qualified leads, and drive sales.

We have evaluated All Out Nutrition & Wellness and concluded the top areas we can help you!

(SURPRISE! Bet you thought this was generic)

By the way, you have done an exceptional job on generating referrals and consistently Facebook posting!

(You are obviously good at your work!)

We can help generate more clients for you by helping with these areas:


Word of mouth isn't spoken anymore, it's posted. Consistently sharing the right content to engage and expand an audience is one of the most critical parts of any social media campaign. Doing so for multiple social media channels and blogging takes an enormous amount of dedication which many business owners do not have time for. Let MarketÜ run the social media while you focus on running your business.


We have some exciting ideas to improve your website!

In today's marketplace creating an exceptional digital experience is essential. We create not only eye catching, but functional websites to optimize our client's needs.


How do we bring it all together? PHOTOGRAPHY of course!

Photography can make or break a marketing campaign. Instead of using generic stock photos MarketÜ helps create a visual story for clients through the help of our own personal lens.

We can add a blog to your website with easily shareable, fun recipe and product suggestions where clients can engage with comments as they try!
Create a welcoming family environment with different photos and quotes from clients (you're great at this in person, let's bring this to life online!)
Make it easy for clients to buy vitamins as they run out with just one click of a button through your website!
We can add little vitamin descriptions for clients to easily explain to friends and family as to why they need them. BECAUSE it's the little things that really make you stand out!
We can even go "LIVE" on different social media channels during your events for more engagement!

Like Those ideas?...we have tons more!


Keep SCROLLING, You may recognize this person....



CEO / Designer / Photographer / Developer

Emily is the Founder & CEO of MarketÜ. She created MarketÜ after freelancing for years and is MarketÜ's first developer, designer and photographer. She's led marketing departments for multiple businesses around the Saint Louis area and has many years of sales under her belt. She's also a dog mom, fashionista, fun expert, volleyball captain, and insurance broker.

BECAUSE why not work with someone who already believes in YOU, right?

MARKETÜ would love to hear from you!

T: 314.737.7077


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Emily Fanara


Google Images and Fanara Photography

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