2019 Lucky Calendar

2019 | Zodiac Ephemera & Lucky Curio of Auspicious Days

The 2019 | Lucky Calendar features the Sun, Moon and the Flying Stars for all the Zodiac signs in 2019. They are paired with a nostalgia of astrological constellations and information that attunes to the compass points based on location and direction of the Flying Stars. The elements, triads and prime luck features for each sign define the lucky factors in 2019. What is your Gua? What is a Flying Star?

Compass Point Grid

The Gua is based on a number formula of your birth that defines personal best directions and can be used to customize results for practicing the art of placement, known as feng shui. The Gua is a number tool for assigning details that can improve lucky fortunes and build dynasties of lasting values, for the greater good of humanity. It's principles in practice are sound for ecological and conservation as well.

To find out more about your lucky stars order a Star Luck Chart from China Rose to define your lucky fortune, tools: numbers, directions, locations and totems to cultivate good fortunes.

This year the old pigs are born new again, as a 60 year cycle, repeats: the Golden Pig year celebrates pigs born in 1959 as persons born in 2019 will become the new gold Earth pigs on Earth! The system of 60 include each 12 year cyclic sign with their respective elements. This refines characterizing the larger patterns and cycles in the lunar, solar aspects that make up our existence. The art of divination has math based formulas for understanding social constructs.

Planet Jupiter, is the known as the Grand Duke in ancient folk tales that are allegorical to the stars and patterns that infuse the chronicles of the historical knowledge of the planets and their motion. He is called Tai Sui and Jupiter is now in the Rat sign to start a brand-new, 12 year Astro cycle.

The Lunisolar Chinese calendar on February 4, 2019 begins the celebration of the Gold Pig Year and the annual Flying Stars will change. The Flying star patterns are always at home in their universal to learn more visit Kittysol.com.

There are many Lucky Specials as this year as the Mountain Star 8 couples with the annual star fields. The Flying Stars are based on larger 20 year cycle of 24 mountains and the center palace matures to merge with the Annual Flying Stars this year. This brings powerful change. To stay tuned follow your fortunes on the blog, at KittySol.com

  • Featured here is a collection of the original art for each of the Zodiac signs in the 2019 | Lucky Calendar
  • The art in this calendar is a composting style of curated, public arts: using art forms researched and collected in the public domain, artfully crafted with the artist's original art forms in concert with principles of feng shui to create newly, re-adapted forms. Art is derivative and Artist China Rose uses a composting rather than compositing to salvages parts and pieces at her discretion in order to craft new original works.


Lucky Calendar Story

This calendar is a narrative story based in the art of divination that uses a compass and the Zodiac signs to align with good fortunes. In this construct the Astrological constellations are given their traditional places although they have flown off, like a flock of geese away from our world. It is for that reason they are shown to commemorative where they were once attributed as a from of ephemera and nostalgia.

Modern humans have a sense of the sun signs and this is a good place to start in seeing where everything fits into a circle on the clock of a time based reality. Using the ancient history of the modern divination the signs of the Zodiac fit their compass points exactly.

Ancient Zodiac Wheel

Thousands of centuries before the modern Bible, Torah, and Koran were written, scrolls and mystery schools taught humans the benefits of being connected with the cycles of our world and the planet we live on. Stone structures of immense grandeur, still exist to pay tribute to this phenomenon.

A fraction of this dated, written, historic record lay decaying in caves and was discovered in a remote desert in the Middle East almost 80 years ago. The Dead Sea Scrolls were put there by scribes, thieves and, or people seeking refuge from the looting, raiding and sacking of pre historic cultures; that went on to a great degree.

Once found, these rare scrolls were hidden from the public view by the Christian and Judea scholars who studied them. What were they hiding? It's silly really. Treasure maps and history of astrology were the main censorship. The previous history discovered discounted and contradicted modern texts, making questionable the provenance and possible it's spiritual claims of original narrative stories, stories that belong to to other cultures not sourced or identified in the modern texts.

Facts and evidence based history show that humans, in order to be human consciously includes a connection to the Stars and the humans that preceded us learned about how to become human by following cosmic cycles. It's still done today but brands, take ownership of the legacy they borrowed as science they discovered.

This era of humanity that gave birth to the human spirit of arts, cultures, sciences, literature, agriculture and more and spawned a legacy of dynasties that lasted and died down through the ages to where we are today, is the practice of Feng Shui.

Tang Dynasty Zodiac, c. 680 AD

On Earth the oldest ancient wonders often tracked the zodiac, animals signs and astrological constellations of the stars in the sky; for the purpose of defining moments and charting a course through life based on narrative, storytelling and myth building.

This oracle of wonders was used to discern fortunes by understanding the cosmic arrangements and land based Stars on Earth, called flying stars. Today those energy fields are studied in quantum mechanics and technology uses the cosmic streams in various ways based on the location and directions of the patterns in our cosmic realm.

So why are the astrological constellations different than the Zodiac animals? It's pretty simple: zodiac animals signs align to points on the compass. These 12 points are developed from a base 60 system of mathematics used in ancient divination as pre-cursor to the IChing

Like the modern books of religious dogma, most modern versions of the IChing are a colonial era, mistranslated amalgamation. They are just a shadow of their real being; a broken legacy sacked and looted by cataclysms on Earth coupled with humanities passion for war all but destroyed many mystery schools where the art of inquiry would posit the prime inquisition for scientific purposes of making sound, choices to minimize grief and bring happiness, long lasting.

The Flying Stars are a heliocentric, land based, field of energy: that define a space, time dimension for discerning fortunes of location and directions. These Star patterns use cycles and motion to follow, in order to succeed at life aspirations. Because what we seek is often not yet visible, being able to see through this dark unknowing can bring us to the knowing and the discovery of good fortunes.

About the 2019 | Lucky Calendar

  • Eco conscious and *Earthly kind
  • 2019 | Cosmic Calendar size is approx 8 x 11 inches
  • Artisan, handcrafted
  • Energy Star printer
  • Green Energy Power
  • small batch prints (less waste)
  • made in America
  • printed on archival paper
  • Eco based inks
  • Plenty of positive vibes
  • The Flying Stars Color Palettes for each Zodiac sign, calendar art is based on Pantone Colors of 2019

The 2019 Lucky Calendar is made in America with hand-crafted artistry and print-works by China Rose using modern systems that are eco~bio, friendly in every category: Green power, Energy Star printer, green friendly inks, zero to minimal waste packaging or plastics, reduced fossil fuel consumption and in archival quality.

  • You Are SPECIAL!

Just like your cosmic fingerprint of your birth, this calendar has a purpose. Every calendar SOLD helps support a Senior-senior who is seeking her 1st, degree completion. China Rose appreciates your support and thanks you!

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Curated art recreations by China Rose

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