World Run By Molly, Maria, EleNa, Jude


Question 1: 2011 the PC video game industry increased to $18.6 BILLION due to the $6 BILLION Chinese PC gaming market. It is estimated to reach $91 BILLION in the upcoming years.

Question 2:

Over 700 people worldwide play online video games yet alone everyone who plays games on there mobile devices.


Question 3: well compared to each other, 6% of all girl gamers play several times a day and 19% would play several times a day so boys tend to like video games more than girls therefore concluding that they play more.

Question 4: Some genres are Sport including multiplayer soccer, basketball, and many others. There is also platform, puzzle, adventure, action and quiz.


Question 1: Esports is an event when gamers from all around the world come together and play games. They each have to bring their own devices such as computers, play station, iPad and other devices. Some of the games can be competitive games, building games, any other type of games.

During the session the gamers have to play the game. Some of the games are:

Counter-Strike: (Global)

league of Legends (Riot Games)

Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)

Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Call of Duty (Activision)

Hearthstone (Blizzard Entertainment)

Lastly at the end of the whole championship there will be one gamer/person who will be picked a the winner.

Question 2: Video game addiction is described as a uncontrolled disorder. Video game addiction has also been referred to as video game overuse. This controls the human brain and makes the mind want more. More information and explaining on the addiction of video games is here ->

Most kids have this disorder not of any special things but of their interest. Most kids in our society have at least an Xbox or Playstation which distracts them to their work and leads them to a serious problem. Video games addiction can cause serious problems like poor social health which is when their social skills is not good, stress which can cause body problems like acne,........ This also can cause truth problems because some kids lie of how many hours they play on their device.

Molly: Question 7:some video game platforms are, tablets, phones and play stations.

Some specific items include; iPhones, iPads, play stations, Xboxs and nintendos






Westwood studios



My Own Company

Double Fire


Some inspiration for my castle.
This is the background for my princess, the castle.
This is one of my friends background, Elena.
My inspiration for my character is a princess.
We decided to make our characters pixelated.
This is my character. It's a princess. Her emotions are scared because there is a monster chasing after her.
This is another character by one of my friends, Elena.
This is our groups flow chart.
The type of game we are doing is an endless running game. Like the following: Subways surf.
Temple run
These are a few other examples.
This is my story board: Once there was a princess. She had a prince but her prince had to leave to find gems. When he was searching in the forest, he found a gem.
Just when he picked it up, that gem had a curse by a witch, and he was turned into a monster.
The prince ran back home and started screaming the princess name. When she came out she was scared and strarted running. The prince didn't know what happened so he went into the castle to ask the princess.

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