University Success Skills Portfolio Reid Bryant

Reflective Introduction to my portfolio: This portfolio contains six different exhibits that were given to me by the instructors of this course to design and two exhibits that I designed on my own and put into one landing page to be presented. In this introduction I am going to be introducing each of the exhibits included on this landing page and giving you an idea of what you’re going to be seeing as you go through the pages. The first exhibit is Recognizing and Revising Self-talk patterns. It goes through a series of different voices in my head regarding school work, and how they impact my work and daily life. The second exhibit is a time management self-study where I lay out a few different planners that I have made throughout the semester, and shows some of my successes and failures in regard to staying the course with those schedules and planners. The third exhibit in this project is a Retrieval Practice Self-Study. I was asked to choose three different methods of study which I hadn’t yet used before and apply them while I studied. You will see in the presentation that the three methods I chose to use were: Quizlet, flashcards, and Self testing. I actually really enjoyed using the Quizlets that I made, and they really helped me on my accounting test. As for the other two methods, you will see in my portfolio that I was not a very big fan of either of them. The first Self-Designed exhibit I put together involved my confidence levels on the material I am learning depending on what in class habits I employed. I used what I considered to be “better” in class habits which ended up with me having a higher grade than we I employed what I consider “bad” in class habits. Different things work for different people, but for anyone reading this, I really encourage you to try out my experiment and see how if it can work out for you. The fourth common exhibit was a post-test analysis with my professor in my toughest class. We were asked to fill out a form on our test performance and go over it with that professor to assess and get advice that we could use in the future, which I found really helpful. The fifth common exhibit was my favorite out of all the exhibits simply because I got to spend time with my professor. We were give a set of questions to pick from to ask our professors. The questions ranged anywhere from questions about their lives, to advice for students, and their goals for students in their respective classroom. I really had a good time with this exhibit and was eager to hear Mr. Hanna’s answers. My final common exhibit was about my values and how I am going to use them to accomplish goals in my life. I talk about service and some of my career goals for my life as I move on after Clemson, and I really hope you enjoy that section. Overall, I feel as if making this portfolio was really beneficial to me, and will help me progress as a student in my time here at Clemson. I had a good time making it, and I hope you, the reader, enjoy my work. Without further ado, welcome to my portfolio to success here at Clemson.



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