Legal-is relating to the law.

Restore-to bring back the the way it originally was.

Mosaics-is images that is created by colored glass or stone

Saints-is people that is considered holy from followers of Christian faith.

The dome of Sophia towers is more than 180 feet of the ground.And has stood up for more than 1,000 years.

Hippodrome- the Greek word means horse race or course

Justinian-loved art so they put mosaics in their churches.

Justinians plague-came into Asia and Europe and killed a lot of men in justinians army.

The boys got to study religion, law, medicine, and other subjects.Sadly the girls did not go to school instead had teaching at home.

The Syrians, Egyptians, Jews, Slavs and many more lived into the empir that was ruled by emperor justinian.


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