5-Gest Scarab incribed with Hatshepsut united with amun

Our artifact, the scarab inscribed with Hatshepsut united with Amun

I’m sure that you have heard of king tut and his buried tomb hidden in the valley of the kings. But do you know who the first female pharaoh, Hatshepsut is? Did you know that Hatshepsut claimed that her father was the sun god Amun! In this page, you will learn about the most important artifact buried with the ancient queen

Archaeologist: this artifact connects with archaeology because it shows in hieroglyphics, what Hatshepsut’s after life would be like. This is true because the people who made this scarab were very religious And believed in life after death. Based on this scarab Hatshepsut’s family life was very wealthy because on the scarab, it shows Hatshepsut, her father who she claimed was the sun god Amun, and a lot of other artifacts that only a wealthy person could afford, (pots, bowls and blankets etc). The hieroglyphics inscribed on the scarab say “Hatshepsut united with Amun.” Even though now we know that her dad was not Amun but king Thutmosis I. That means that she was rich enough that people would believe that she might have been the daughter of Amun

The people who were writing this scarab were probably feeling very honored and even a little bit scared. They would be honored because they were being trusted by the Egyptian empire to write Hatshepsut’s death scarab. They might have been scared because if they messed up one part, then they might have just payed the price of their life. They were also trying to give hatshepsut everything that she had in her real life to bring with her to the afterlife. This scarab was made during history because it was written in faded hieroglyphics and that counts as writing so technically it was NOT prehistoric, but it was not long after history started.

Historian: This connected to history because Hatshepsut was a very important leader in ancient egypt and the artifact is a sign of religion. Religion was a serious thing back then in egypt. This artifact makes us understand more about Hatshepsut’s past and personal life. Whoever made the scarab most have been very religious and believed in Hatshepsut being pharaoh. The scarab must have been a cause of the past event because we think the scarab was buried with her in her tomb. She claimed that Amun was her father so this must be something important.

To find out the information about the scarab historians looked at newspapers, artifacts, movies, and had conversations with descendants of people that lived in that time period to find out more information. They were probably very religious so they did some research on religion because it seems like they believed in hatshepsut and religion very much. I think they carved the artifacts into the scarab that was buried with her. It looks like she’s on it with the things that was buried with her.

Geographer: This artifact connects with how Hatshepsut ruled Egypt. Hatshepsut got a bigger civilization by getting things from other people and making things to show how she deserves loyalty and doing things to help Egypt . She made deals with other countries so that she does not have to go to war and lose. Also she had buildings made and and got to get more land when she traded jewelry, gold and other thingst. She made her country more powerful and the had more land to grow things. She even claimed that Amun is her father.

What did they wear? Well they wore jewelry and clothes. They had special clothes made just for hatshepsut. She even could have wore the same amulet that I am talking about today. They traded things that were priceless also that the artifact could be priceless that could not be replaceable and it was all made by people who worked hard. She got her jewelry also by trading. She wanted to act like a man because, she believed that it would give her power.

Sociologist: The sociologist connects with this artifact by talking about her personal life. I think that the egyptians acted the way that they did because they were very religious which meant that they believed in with many gods. The god Amun looks like it shows Hatshepsut in her burial tomb, and all of the things that she would need to get to the afterlife, and all of the things that she would need to live there. I think that the reason that the people acted the way that they did is because when somebody believes in something it makes them think a certain way. For example people made the scarab for Hatshepsut's tomb.

This artifact helped develop the society this way by, burying things with them, like the scarab that was with Hatshepsut. Like people these days, we will put things in people's coffins. We developed these ways from the egyptians. This just comes to show that people can turn something that is a really old tradition, into something that people, to this day will even use. And maybe even years after that we will still be using it.

By: Joseph Boffa, Michael Sutherland, Tessa Jarvis, and Johanna Biondi


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