Creating a balanced meal Jaime Cormack

Food and checklists - Main meal

Prawn and Salmon sushi

I chose to make Prawn and Salmon Sushi

Student evaluation - Main:

Why did you choose to cook this meal?

The first thing that came to my mind about cooking a healthy meal was sushi. Sushi is also one of the most delishous and healthy meals there is, and it's also one of my favourite foods.

When I finally chose to stick with sushi immediently I thought I wanted to do prawns and salmon.

I chose these meats because I know that salmon is packed with proten. later I found out from research it also includes vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, Magnesium, calcium and many more.

Unfortunately salmon is high in salt I still chose to work with it because of its other amazing benefits and it's one of my family's favorite fish's.

I also chose banana prawns partly because of their price but mainly because after a little bit of research I saw all the benefits the fish had like; Magnesium, Zinc, iron, omega 3 and omega 6, and their also low in calories.

What part of the preparing of the cook was most challanging?

There wasn't too much that was tough throughout cooking the main meal but there was just a few small things I had a bit of difficulty with.

The most important part was for me to not burn the rice but also I couldn't take off the lid to see if it was burnt or cooked or raw so I had to trust the timer.

It was also worrying because I didn't know if the rice would get sticky and it would just turn out as normal rice. But the rice turned out great in the end and it was at the perfect consistency.

Another thing I was struggling with was the actual making of the sushi where I put everything together. Making sure it wouldn't fall apart at either ends. Making sure it wouldn't explode with food packed within the seaweed sheet. But I was surprised at how well I picked it up. And I was proud with the overall presentation of the individual rolls.

Student evaluation (2) - Main

Parents evaluation - Main:

By my mum

Comments about main meal

Jaime cooked a complecated and detailed meal with different types of sushi. The result was delicious and the hours of effort she put into the food was impressive.

Foods and checklists -Dessert

Frozen yogurt

I chose to make Frozen yogurt

Student evaluation - Dessert:

Why did you choose to cook this meal?

I choose to make this meal because it is my favourite food to eat and it just so happens that it is quite healthy too.

And I love fruits so I made sure there that it had all sorts of fruit in it.

What part of the preparing and cooking was most difficult?

This dish was such an easy meal to prepare. And it was pretty much all about presentation and flavour because I didn't have to make or do too much.

However there was a few things that were a little hard to do.

Like how the Frozen yogurt was so cold and hard that I had to use a spoon to put it in the icecream scooper. And the pomegranate took a while to get all the seeds out, because it was almost like it was split into sections so it took me a while to get all the seeds out.

Student evaluation (2) - dessert

Parent evaluation - Dessert:

Jaime did a lovely fruity dessert with lots of fresh flavours. It was really yummy and healthy. And a meal which everyone was looking forward to.

Importance of consuming a healthy diet;

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy life and a better you.

Not concuncuming a unhealthy diet can lead to diseases and commonly gaining weight. Some of these diseases include; diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease, obesity or anerexia.

Convening a unhealthy diet does mean weight loss or gain. Eating an unlealthy amount - skipping meals or out of proportion sided meals is just another thing to worry about in your life.

By cutting down on foods that aren't good for you, you are slowly helping yourself to a better lifestyle.

Being in a healthy lifestyle does not mean you eat a leaf of lettuce for every meal, have a 6 pack and work out 10 times a day, nothing like that.

Having a healthy lifestyle is about eating healthier and maybe 2/3 times a month have a light workout.

It's easier living too because eating healthy limits things but also in that gives you endless amounts of options and makes you creative. By giving our body's the right food, it might not be making a change then and there but in the long term gives you so many benifits.

Good food also provides energy, protein, gives us the good fats, vitimins and minerals in every meal.

Thankyou, and make sure you stay healthy!

By Jaime Cormack 8.2

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Jaime Cormack

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