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Special Event! Summer 2021

Take a self-guided audio tour of downtown Greenfield and its new honey-loving citizens!

About Promenades

Promenades is a series of site-specific, audio-guided theater works by John Bechtold, designed to be experienced on site at various outdoor public spaces in the Pioneer Valley.

For each Promenade, participants download an app-based "walk" that can only be activated on site. Once at a Promenade location, audience members begin their walk with their headphones on, with phones staying in your pocket for the duration of the production.

While each Promenade works as a stand-alone piece, all share the themes of walking through beautiful, wooded spaces and letting your imagination weave a relationship between the audio from your headphones and the inspiring environment around you.

Designed as a response to making theater in the COVID-19 era, all walks are designed for solo walkers in open, outdoor spaces.

Promenades is produced through Eggtooth Productions, Greenfield, MA.

Promenade #1 (over the still world)

a meditative free wander, featuring the words of Robert Frost and Louise Glück

Larch Hill Conservation Area; Amherst, MA

Location and Parking
  • Park in the old Hitchcock Center lot adjacent to the Common School in Amherst.
  • Directions - Use The Common School (521 South Pleasant St, Amherst) for driving directions.
  • Start - The show begins at the top of the boardwalk at the end of the lot.
  • End - The show concludes by stepping out of the SW corner of the woods and walking down the gravel road of Bramble Hill Farm back towards the farmhouses at the bottom of the hill. (Please stay mindful of farmworkers.) There is a convenient boardwalk path just north of the blue barn that will return you to your cars.
What to Bring
  • a fully-charged phone with a pre-downloaded Promenade (see download instructions for details)
  • a pair of headphones
  • a protective face mask
  • sturdy footwear appropriate for hiking trails
Walking Details
  • Length: app. 1 mile
  • Duration: app. one hour
  • Terrain: relatively light. Boardwalk, dirt, gravel, gentle trails. Occasional mud in spots.
  • Recommended time of day: any
  • Pace: gentle/slow. You should be in no rush during your walk.
Accessibility: easy (accessible to most walkers)

Promenade #2 (only a paper moon)

a curious homecoming tale of two twins

Highland Park, Greenfield, MA

Location and Parking
  • Park - at the main lot for Highland Park, just off of Highland Ave and Peabody Lane
  • Directions - Highland Park (which includes Temple Woods), Highland Road entrance. GPS directions
  • Start - At the trailhead beside the signboard on the south end of the lot
  • End - At the summit of the Highland Park ridge. Participants can access the trail behind the wooden viewing platform on the ridge to return to the parking lot
What to bring
  • a fully-charged phone with a pre-downloaded Promenade (see download instructions for details)
  • a pair of headphones
  • a protective face mask
  • sturdy footwear appropriate for rocky hiking trails
  • optional: bug repellent
Walking details
  • Distance - 3 miles
  • Time - 90-120 minutes
  • Terrain - moderately challenging. Dirt road, uneven trails, tree roots, rocky surfaces, a few brief but steep ascents & descents; no benches/seats en route
  • Recommended time of day - about two hours before sunset
  • Pace - casual, self-guided. Don't rush.
Accessibility: moderate/strenuous
  • This is both a lengthy and occasionally steep walk in places. Trails get particularly uneven/steep near the end. Wear appropriate footwear and stay mindful of the terrain.

Promenade #3 (as above, so below)

Location: Skinner State Park, Hadley

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aside from my phone and a pair of headphones, what other equipment do I need?
  • Nothing! This is the only technology you'll need. Just make sure to download the Eggtooth app and download your walk before arriving on-site.
  • How difficult are the walking conditions?
  • Each Promenade takes place in a public-access park or similar area. Check out the info for each Promenade for details on walking terrain, difficulty, and the like.
  • Can I listen to these walks off-site?
  • No. All walks can only be experienced on-site.
  • How did you create Promenades?
  • Promenades was created during the pandemic by recording actors remotely on personal equipment. All field recordings were conducted on site.