Spirit Animal Project Macbeth and banQUo by Cameron wall

Macbeth's sprint animal is a dog

Macbeth is ambitious, trusting and will go on a killing spree to stay king, so his spirit animal is a dog. Dogs are ambitious and will work hard for what they want, whether that be a treat of their owners approval. Throughout this play we see that Macbeth is ambitious to achieve his role as king, he is willing to kill the king to achieve this and this shows his ambition. Dogs are also very trusting, I've stepped on my dogs take a few times and she still loves me with all her hearth, dogs are very trusting animals. Macbeth trusted the witches blindly. He listen to their prophecy blindly and trusted them without a second thought that he should be king. Dogs are also willing to do anything to please their master or to save them. They are willing to spill blood to save their masters life and keep him where he is. Just like Macbeth who is willing to do anything to stay king. He's willing to spill blood and kill anyone who's in his way to staying king. And this is shown multiple time throughout the story when Macbeth kills the king and when he sends the 3 prisoners to go kill Banquo and his sons. Banqou is Macbeth's foil because he is the opposite of Macbeth. He rivals macbeth's ability to stay king because his prophecy is that his sons will become king one day.

Banquo's spirit animal is a cat

Banquo is rational, moderate and intelligent, so his spirit animal is a cat. Cats are rational creatures, they think things through and are hesitant when something seems off. This is just like Banquo, he is rational. When the witches tell him his prophecy along with Macbeth's he is skeptical and instead of trusting them he is rational and just let's whatever happens happen. Cats are moderate because they just wander around and do what they want to do, not doing anything too extreme. Just like Banquo, he is shown to be moderate throughout the play. He doesn't take the witches advise and run with it. Rather he is average in his reaction. He doesn't trust them but will let it happen if it does. He doesnt take any action to make sure they become king. A cat is also intelligent because it will solve puzzles to get food and can land on their feet if they fall and will wait to pounce on they're food at the best possible moment. They are intelligent creatures just like Banquo. Banquo is intelligent because he is not rash and is shown throughout the play to be steady headed, especially with the witches because he doesn't trust them which is smart. But he does believe this prophecy and instead of making rash decisions and chancing after it he chooses to let history behave itself which is very intelligent because that means that his sons will be king one day.

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