Junior Spirit Trying to make it through this racist world

As you can see from above, that's me. Not the most attractive guy, but...actually, that's it, just not the most attractive guy. I'd like to think of myself as a bit witty in a way...also kind of nice. I suppose maybe outgoing as well, but that's just with being friendly, but not socially confident. I also like to draw; a lot (look below to see one of my drawings.)

Ok, so maybe my profile picture isn't totally accurate to my actual persona, but it's preferred. Along with drawing, I've always thought that it'd lead up to me being an artist. Maybe I will be someday. It's one of my dreams to have my drawings (ones that aren't of me) getting me attention by people around the world. I also play a bit of basketball...which usually doesn't end up good for me, since I wind up losing horribly. That's pretty much it. Enjoy my profile.

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Philip Koenig

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