Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona The Grand Canon State

Arizona is the top copper-mining state. It produces 2 billion pounds of the metal each year, more than the rest of the 50 states combined.

1. A statue of Father Eusebio Kino 2. Francisco Vaquez de Coronado 3. Phoenix, Arizona

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans in Arizona. Francisco Vaquez de Coronado claimed Arizona for Spain in 1540.

Grazing Land

More than half of Arizona's land area is grazing land!

State bird:Cactus Wren State flower:Saguaro Blossom State mammal:Ringtail

After World War ll, the widespread availability of refrigeration and air conditioning caused Arizona's population to boom Phoenix to become one of the fastest growing cities in America.

London Bridge

The london Bridge was originally built in London, England. It now stretches over Lake Havasu in western Arizona.

Arizona March Song

Come to this land of sunshine, To this land were life is young, Where the wide, wide world is waiting, The songs that will now be sung, Where the golden sun is flaming Into warm, white, shining day, And the sons of men are glazing, Their priceless ride of way...........................Go to Pebble go next for more

highest peak in Arizona ( Humphreys Peak )

Arizona is 12,336 feet above sea level. The highest peak in Arizona is Humphreys Peak in north-central Arizona.

Arizona is in orange

Arizona became a state February 14, 1912. There state number is 48.


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