OnaMoney Most people struggle with money; we help you take control so you can live better.

the ona money experience

Learn how to make money work for you. End the struggle by gaining financial security for everything you love.

what do we believe in?

True connection is rare, its absence painful, its presence life altering. We believe in true connections. We don’t assume everyone has them so we choose to BE the true connection.

To win with money learn from the best in the biz

Dave Ramsey & his group have changed our lives, we KNOW it can change yours. We're partnered with them on many levels. They help us help you. That's POWER.

Ps.. we do it with heart too.

Shannon, Chris Hogan from Retired Inspired/Everyday Millionaire & Dave Ramsey
Good money habits are 80% behavior and 20% technical knowledge

OnaMoney is a coaching program that helps people stop struggling with money. You'll take control and live a more intentional life. We feel inept about our money, some people show it, most suffer in silence. People don't realize none of us were taught personal finance in school, not even finance or accounting degrees. Yet we feel shame thinking we should know better. That stops right now.

Our coaching program teaches you 7 Baby Steps that act as a foundation for getting out of debt, creating a savings account, being prepared for life's financial hurdles, and eventually living and giving like never before. You will change your day-to-day money habits and begin to know exactly where your money goes instead of wondering where it went.

"I hated budgets. I felt like it took my wings and strapped them to my back in a straitjacket. It wasn’t until I began to learn about being intentional that my perspective changed. The end result was radical freedom and a lot more financial peace." - Shannon Reichelt, CPA OnaWay Founder & OnaMoney Coach
"The goal of OnaMoney is replacing bad money behaviors with good ones and move towards a debt-free, wealth building, giving life. You don't need to be slave to the lender or have more month than money. If you get committed to being intentional with money it can be a blessing and not a curse." - Shannon Reichelt, CPA OnaWay Founder & OnaMoney Coach


Below are some answers

What will I get from my coaching experience?
  • Education of the foundational 7 Baby Steps
  • Advice tailored to your personal situation
  • Debt Snowball education
  • Budgeting - Help, How & Why (ps.. it's not torture, it's freedom)
  • Immediate next steps towards control
  • Connection to our trusted team of pros. Use who we use.
  • Order - What goes where & when to maximize progress
  • Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book
  • Digital copy of session materials along with audio/video resources
  • Take-home tote bag & session workbook
What's my coach like?

Our coaches have the heart of a teacher and ZERO judgement. None of us were born independently wealthy nor taught positive money habits in formal education. We had a burning desire to conquer our money relationship. We've walked the same path you are. Our coaches have undergone training with one of the largest US educators of personal finance, Dave Ramsey Solutions. Your coach has been designated as a Master Financial Coach by Ramsey Solutions.

Shannon Reichelt, CPA is the founder of OnaWay and heads the OnaMoney program. Money struggles plagued Shannon's upbringing which turned into a burning desire to help others not suffer the same fate. She joined forces with a national leader in personal finance, Dave Ramsey Solutions to get more knowledge to bring to you.

debt snowball

What order do you pay your debts?

The debt snowball is a system for how to put your debt in order & pay them off faster.

we love this little guy! Isn't this how we all feel trying to fight against lenders?

"just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender" Proverbs 22:7, NLT
Do I have to make a certain income level? Or have a minimum asset worth?

NO. We have zero income or asset requirements. We don’t believe in that.

Is there an order to best allocate my dollars?

Absolutely. This is the key behind it all. There is an ORDER to allocating your $$$. The 7 Baby Steps teach you this foundation.

"Learning these baby steps is the key to switching poor money choices into good ones. It was shocking what I thought was okay. I just didn't know there was an order." - Shannon
Who does the work?

You do. Winning with money is 80% behavior and 20% technical knowledge. We can coach you but you must do the work, otherwise it won’t stick.

Homework?! gulp...

It’s not torture we promise! In order to get the most value out of your coaching session you want to come prepared.

We provide a simple one page Personal Financial Snapshot that must be received prior to your session. It asks basic questions, drills into your main concerns, and gathers some basic financial data such as monthly take-home pay, balances due and assets.

Is my financial data safe?

Yes. We don’t ask for any account numbers or online logins.

Do you sell insurance or retirement products?

No. We are not financial planners in the traditional sense who sell you insurance, retirement products, or fee for service retirement planning. We coach you on day-to-day money habits, about being intentional with where your dollars go and that when directed in a specific order you can get further faster. If you need the advice of a specialist we can connect you with who we use and trust.

What's the cost?

$275 per session.

A session is 1 hour. Sessions may be done in person or on the phone. We will cover everything bulleted above in the coaching experience. The first session is meant to load you with all sorts of information to take home and put to work. You'll get handouts to take home with you and if you'd like additional sessions that's a'ok!

After your meeting we'll send you an email with 3 Next Step Action items we'd recommend based off your personal situation.

"Some folks like to come in for a check-up. It becomes dedicated time to focus on their money. They'll bounce ideas off me." - Shannon

If you'd like quarterly check-up's tell us at the end of your first meeting and we'll gladly book future sessions right then and there. We'll send you a handy reminder email prior to your session. *Additional sessions are only $250 each for 1 hour.

* payment is required prior to your session. A member of the OnaTeam will connect with you to do so. We believe in what we teach and don't want you to incur credit card debt paying us. We ask that you pay via debit card, check or cash.

Ready to take control and kick this money thing? We hope so! You really can live a better life, all it takes is some knowledge and intentional habits.

Here's how to schedule your session with Shannon - call or email Ellen, our OnaMoney coordinator today. Ellen will get you ready for your session and is always happy to serve you!



"People ask me why I started OnaMoney, I hated it when professionals would see right through me because I didn't make or have enough. My childhood was filled with strife over money and it ripped my family apart. I didn't want that cycle continuing for anyone.
Money shame is horrible and we all have it. It's not necessary and can be wiped out with basic knowledge from someone that doesn't sit on a pedestal. I wanted everyone to Grow to be Mighty." - Shannon

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