Tiny Piousness Animals by Noah Ybarra

People are injured by these animals more than sharks every year. stingrays can be really tiny one sting can destroy a persons flesh and it can puncture your flesh because it has so much venom in it. the box jelly-fish have enough venom to kill 60 people at the same time and the pain of being stung by a box jelly-fish is so painful it almost feels like being struck by lightning 10 times

cone snails can kill a person fast then lightning. theses snails don't seem painful but they have hypodermic needles in there shells that is 1,000 times more effective than morphine. A famous researcher once said that, "cone snails venom changes the way the nervous system acts." The sea snake is the most venomous animal in all of Australia. would have to treat this animal fast.

The platypus just looks like a duck and a rat mixed together and that's exactly what it is. I doesn't look that harmful but this creature can make people feel so much pain that you've never felt before. Only the males have the venom in its sharp claws so they can protect there family.

This octopus can kill ten people at the same time just using there venom. There bite can contain a venom called neurotoxin 10,000 time more deadly then cyanide.

This the most common poisonous animal is the scorpion. Scorpion kill thousand of people a year do to deceases. This animal can be harmful but we can treat this just like a regular decease.


Created with images by Becker1999 - "Stingray" • TravelingShapy - "stingray" • shankar s. - "Medusa- another type of jellyfish" • James St. John - "Conus regius (royal cone snail) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 3" • Christian Gloor (mostly) underwater photographer - "Undulation" • maveric2003 - "Platypus" • q.phia - "2016, wakatobi, house reef at night, blue ring octopus" • Steve Slater (used to be Wildlife Encounters) - "Rock scorpion with a glow and arty"

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