Major Depressive Disorder Samuel Duke

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also simply known as depression, is a mental disorder characterized by at least two weeks of low mood that is present across most situations. It is often accompanied by low self-esteem, loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities, low energy, and pain without a clear cause.

MDD or Major Depressive Disorder is a mental disorder. Which means

Some physical symptoms of Major Depression would be if you see someone have an

unusual change in appetite, abnormal loss or gain in weight, extreme lack of energy or focus, or signs of self harming. If this person also seems unhappy a lot of times or does not take part in their favorite hobbies they could be going through depression. It is important to watch out for these noticeable characteristics of MDD.

There several potential risks factors that lead to MDD. These risk factors include genetics passed down from your family and anxiety that limits a person to sustain moods steadily, enormous amounts of alcohol consumption, abusive consumption of drugs, misuse of medication, and specific medical conditions such as cancer or changes in metabolism.

Excessive use of pills can be a cause of depression.

Major Depressive Disorder is a treatable illness. If you struggle with Major Depressive Disorder you might need medication prescribed by doctor or you might need psychotherapy to recover. But for some cases treatment can be as simple as making some changes or alterations in your life to help you get over a slump. So you don't fill alone in your recovery stage you can also go to a outpatient treatment program which is a rehab treatment. If you have harmed yourself or have thought about harming yourself in any way a doctor needs to suggest that you stay in a hospital.

Facts and Statistics:

2 out of 3 people who commit suicide have MDD

Major depressive disorder affects approx. 1.4 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year

MDD is more prevelant in women than in men.

A most common misconception about Major Depressive Disorder is that sadness and depression are the same thing. Sadness is actually a feeling that changes all the time. Depression lasts over a long period of time usually.

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