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Upcoming Debut EP

Titos upcoming, debut EP "Overkast" is a collection of music that is oozing positive messages. When asked his interpretation and message of his EP, he explained that "there's truly nothing bigger than ourselves. We have so many great things to offer, we must practice being present and moving at a high frequency." Overcast draws inspiration "from an abundance of abstract experiences, along with tons of time listening to Jazz vinyls." "Overkast" is Tito's latest body of work.



Tito is changing the music game in 2021. Creating a new sound, inspired by rhythm and funk of jazz, Tito opens our ears to a new abstract experience. His passion for music goes beyond the studio as he reaches into an entrepreneurial mentality with Local Legends, a movement that aims to enhance the LIVE music experience. Tito continues to bring value to the table, showing early in 2021.

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Email: realdjtito@gmail.com

Instagram: @titodmh


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Schooby's Doobys .