The Peloponnesian War

Delian League- An Alliance between Athens and the Poleis that was dedicated to maintaining a strong defense and pressing into Persian territory.

Pericles- (495-429 BCE) was the greatest Athenian leader. He built temples, theaters, schools, and public meeting houses. Held the office of Strategos which was an election every year for the head position, and there was no limit on how many times you serve.

Invention of Drama- Tragedy was the most distinctive form of public theater. The first tragedies were performed in the time of Cleisthens in the 6th century.

Peloponnesian War- (431-404 BCE) was between Sparta's Peloponnese- based alliance verses Athens and the Delian League. The ending of this war left Greece in ruins.

Pythagoreans- A group of philosophers named after their founder, Pythagoras ( 570- 495 BCE). Directed philosophy away from the early Milesian focus on primal essences.

Sophista- Specialized in packing ideas rather than producing anything original. Their emphasis lay in rhetorical skill rather than in guine investigation: in the bustling economic scene of classical Athens, they aimed to help the enterprising people to prosper.

Socratic method- Consisted of patient and thorough questioning, rather than the assertion of observations or dectuions. A consistent pattern emerges in all his appearance in his pupils dialogues.

Telos- Every existing thing has a purpose, a necessary role in the cosmic drama. The Telos of an animal embryo is to become that animal; that of teeth is to chew food.

Alexander the Great- (336- 323 BCE) The greatest conquer of the ancient world. He took over rule after his father, Philip II, was assassinated in 336 BCE. He conquered Asia Minor in 334 BCE, and two years later had taken over the Holy Land and Egypt.


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