Exploration of Religions around the WORLD Journey of Learning Religions of the world

The first five photos are taken from my first stop at the Meenakshi Temple. The last four are taken at my second stop Brihadeeswarar Temple.

December 5th-

I started of my journey of religions in India today. I took a flight from Texas to Frankfurt Germany and then to the Tamil Nadu airport. I reached my hotel pretty late at night so I got some rest to prepare myself for tomorrow's journey.

December 6th-

My first stop as the Meenakshi Amman Temple near the southern bank of the Vaigai River in the heart of Tamil Nadu. This temple is an ancient Hindu temple which is covered in thousands of colorful statues and has a long mythological history. This symbol dates back to 2500 years, the temple has 14 towers that are covered in thousands of colorful statues. This temple exhibits lots of sacred symbols of hinduism.

December 8th-

My next stop is the Brihadeeswarar Temple which is located near Thanjavur. This was made for the purpose of building a temple to show the grace throne of Chol Empire. This temple shows incredible architecture including a Dravida which is a type of architecture in temples that represents ideology of the Chola Empire and Southern India's Tamil Civilization. This temple is a representation of the Cholas brilliant achievements in architecture, painting, bronze work and even the skill in sculpting.

December 10th-

My next religion that I'm visiting is Buddhism. I start of going to the Wat Arun which mean the Temple of Dawn. It is located near the thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River,Bangkok,Thailand. The Temple mimics the Mount Meru which is the center of the universe in Buddhist cosmology. This temple uses different architectural structures to help shape the mountain top. It is a very famous monument and its silhouette against the skyline at night is uncanny.

December 11

My next stop is the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa which is one of the most important sacred sites in the TIbetan Buddhism. It was constructed by King Songtsan Gampo in the 7th century and is a very religious site for Buddhist. The temple is full of legends of the lake and religious stories from the history of Buddhism.

These show the views from the Holy Ark and the temple of Soloman

December 13

My next place that I went to was the The Holy Ark with one of the Torah scrolls. It is a synagogue which is known in Hebrew as the Aron Kodesh by the Ashkenazim. The place is an attraction which includes the famous curtains presented on each side of the doors, Inside there are various practices including the Ashkenazi and Mizrachi customs

December 14

The next place I visited was the Temple of Soloman, which shows the story by a modern scholar . THis temple includes many of the classic Jewish architectures among the great religious architecture of the world. The temple includes various pillars and gold detailing and a castle like look which relates back to the early time period in which it was made.

This is the city of Bethlehem

December 16

The next place I visited was Bethlehem, which is identified by the New Testament that it is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. This city is cultural gold and is full of many sacred churches and lifestyles of different cultures. Bethlehem is now a Muslim majority. It is full of islamic architectures include the dome shaped building and pillars.

December 17

I then visited Mecca which is a desert valley is Saudi Arabia which is Islam's holiest city and is the birthplace of Muhammad and the Islam faith itself. The city is filled with Islamic culture and is most sacred to the islamic faith.

These show the exterior of the the "cave". Also showing the city of Nazareth

December 18

The last places I visited were the Cave of John the Baptist which is a sacred site of Christianity. The cave is in the side of a hill less than a mile from the modern Suba. This place is visited by many and was originally an Iron Age ritual bath so the water is unfit for drinking. The caves were abandoned for years and finally cleaned out by the Hellenistic period.

December 20

I then visited the city of Nazareth which is claimed to be the childhood home of Jesus and is the center of the Christian pilgrimage. This city is filled with various shrines devoted to Jesus. And the various architectural features that show the religion of christianity including some gothic cathedrals..

December 22

My journey ended here, I've learned so much about the different regions and cultural background behind each of them

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