A Superhero Finding Her Powers by: Nikayla HaYNES

When Royce and Keri Young found out that their newborn baby girl was going to be born without a brain their entire life came to a stop. Keri found the bravery to decide on making one of the biggest most difficult choice in her life. She asked if she could donate their daughters organs to other children in need. Although, their daughter life would be coming to an end after her birth, they would atlas be able to sleep at night knowing their daughter saved other children. " Eva will be able to accomplish, create, and do way more things than i ever will in my life time." A special quote her mother stated. After their doctor told them the horrible news of what the ultrasound showed. Keri came to grips with what she had been told and unselfishly asked to cry her daughter out to the full term.

Royce commented " it would have felt right keeping Eva's gifts from others". The Youngs found out Eva didn't have a brain at 19-weeks. " This whole process has been rough, watching Keri feel every hiccup, jump, kick, and movement she's is reminded every moment of everyday she's carrying a baby that will die."

Royce writes for ESPN and on his blog he wrote a sweet letter explain how much his wife meant to him. How incredibly brave she has been throughout this entire journey. Royce praises God for being capable of having the chance of calling Keri his wife. Not from this unfortunate circumstance but for who she is as a person. She found her superpowers as a superhero through a very dark time in her life.

When the time comes for the Youngs to head off to the delivery room they will be entering to give birth to a wonderful child. But, unfortunately will be leaving without a baby. Most people often are capable of being able to say how they are thankful for what has happened Royce told everyone through the note that he will miss being able to watch his baby get a bruise on the coffee table learning how to walk or having her blow up the phone bill from texting boys. Thought this journey Royce told his sweet wide Keri that hes greatly thankful to have had the opportunity to see how geniune of a person his wife is, but didn't of course doesn't need an event like this to know it.


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